Generate More High-Quality Leads For Less

Generate More High-Quality Leads For Less

When it comes to online lead generation, agents generally have one of two choices: They can run advertising campaigns on the major social networks and search engines — Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. — and qualify leads themselves. Or they could fork over a bundle of money to companies like Zillow or in the hopes of receiving leads with a higher likelihood to transact.   

Both options have their benefits and drawbacks.

Lead generation on Zillow and similar sites

For our purposes, we’ll use Zillow as an example:

Zillow claims 275 million consumers visits a month, and since those users are active on a real estate marketplace website, there’s a higher-than-average likelihood they’re looking to buy or sell property. Agents can pay for these leads, but they’re expensive. Zillow’s Premier Agent, for instance, runs in at an average cost of $1,200 a month for a one-year, locked-in contract — a nearly $15,000-a-year commitment.  

Additionally, when agents sign up for a service like Zillow Premier Agent, they’re purchasing a “share of voice” in a given zip code. The more competitive the zip, the higher the price.

Zillow may not be a bad option for agents in less competitive regions with minimal seasonal swings in market activity.  But for others? It can be pretty steep.

Lead generation on social and search websites

Websites like Facebook and Google have a far greater number of monthly visitors (25.5 and 79 billion, respectively), and are great for generating a large volume of both ready-to-transact and non-ready-to-transact leads. In fact, they offer more high-quality leads than search platforms like Zillow. Advertising to them is also cheaper. 

But because there are so many users potentially interacting with an advertisement, agents must do significant legwork to discern which leads are interested, ready-to-transact buyers and which need weeks or months of hands-on nurturing. Put another way, there are more good leads on these websites when compared to Zillow and; they’re just harder to find.  

What it all comes down to is this: In choosing which lead generation route to take, agents have been forced to decide what they value more — their time or their money.

Until now, anyway.  

How Homesnap Concierge delivers cheaper, highly qualified leads

Homesnap Concierge was designed to give agents access to high-quality leads without the premium price tag or being locked into a long-term contract. 

For one fixed price (and with commitments as short as one month), Homesnap will manage, optimize,and run your advertising campaigns on highly trafficked sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Our hyper-targeted, personalized ads pinpoint serious, ready-to-transact leads. And because we’ve spent years perfecting how to target high-intent homebuyers and sellers, you’ll get a better ROI than if you were to run campaigns yourself.

Once Concierge locates your leads, we’ll then pre-qualify (calling, email, and texting multiple times) them for you. We’ll collect hundreds of leads from these sites and do all of the legwork: separating those who have indicated they are ready to buy or sell right now from those that need to be nurtured.

We’ll provide you with a reliable pre-qualified lead flow every month you can pursue right away — at a significantly higher volume and lower cost than Zillow or And we’ll continue to nurture other leads until they’re ready to transact before handing them off to you. You’ll have full transparency into the process, with access to a comprehensive dashboard and detailed reports on where each lead is in the qualification pipeline, so you can track our progress every step of the way.

Best of all, because Concierge is based on your own content (listings, past solds, etc.) and not zip-code based, you’ll never be stuck in an endless bidding war with other agents in your area.

You’ll get more leads and save time and money. What’s not to like? 

Give Concierge a try.