Find Seller Leads with Homesnap Pro’s Likelihood to List Scores

Find Seller Leads with Homesnap Pro’s Likelihood to List Scores

Ninety percent of sellers hire the first agent they talk to. Think about that: If you can be the first agent that 10 prospects speak with, you could turn those conversations into 9 new clients.

The All-New Homesnap Pro* gives you an advanced set of new tools so you can find seller leads quickly using expanded data and predictive analytics — all completely free to you as an MLS benefit. Then, you can more narrowly target the homeowners who are qualified seller leads before your competition. 

Using a sophisticated algorithm that our team of data scientists spent the last year perfecting, our new Likelihood to List score combines hundreds of data points to determine which homes are most likely to list soon. The scores are broken down into three levels:

1. Most Likely 

These will be the likeliest homes to go on the market in the next 12 months. These homes will be marked in orange when you search using our Likelihood to List heatmap.

2. Likely

These are homes that have some signals that point to a listing in the next year. These homes will be yellow on the heatmap. 

3. Least Likely

These are homes that are unlikely to go on the market in the coming year. These homes will be marked in blue on the heatmap.

There’s a common saying in real estate that every house is for sale — meaning that it’s always worth having a conversation with a homeowner to gauge their unique situation and what circumstances would prompt them to sell. That’s what prospecting is all about, but the traditional tactics of cold-calling and cold-door-knocking are inefficient if they aren’t done strategically.

When you farm using our Likelihood to List scores, in addition to our catalog of other new property search filters, you’re plugging into the most powerful pieces of prospecting while leaving behind the inefficiencies.

This is data-backed prospecting that points you in the right direction, so you aren’t wasting precious time and marketing dollars blanketing an entire neighborhood in postcards and flyers when you could just focus on a handful of likely to list seller leads. 

And beyond steering you in the right direction, the All-New Homesnap Pro provides a wealth of information on each property. In addition to real-time MLS data, you can see tax records, mortgage histories, deeds, and other historical information that can give you a fuller picture of the property.

You can also access homeowner profiles on every property, so you can instantly call, email, or text a seller lead. That puts you at a significant advantage, and it’s all free to you as a membership benefit of your MLS if it partners with Homesnap. 

In order to make the most of the All-New Homesnap Pro, here’s how you can find seller leads:

1) First, establish your stipulations in the search filters.

You’ll see our traditional search filters, as well as new property filters so you can search by Ownership Time, Last List Date, Mortgage Rate and Age, Likelihood to List, and more.  

2) Enable property heatmaps.

Once you switch from “For Sale” or “For Rent” to an “All Homes” off-market search, you’ll see a button in the lower-left corner that says “Heatmaps.” This gives you the opportunity to see those same search filters as color-coded heatmaps instead of just dots on the map.

You can choose one heatmap to use at a time, and narrow further if you like — e.g. only see properties with mortgage age of 15-20 years. Once you pick your heatmap, you can layer additional search filters to narrow your search. This is what it looks like if you use heatmaps to search for properties based on Likelihood to List score:

3) Explore property information.

Click into any property, and you’ll see we’ve added consolidated property history. Check out all the information at your fingertips — net equity, mortgage rates, ownership status — in addition to historic tax and deed info. You can tap on the Likelihood to List key factors at the top to see how they contributed to the overall score.

You can see the previous listing and buyer agents as you scroll through the MLS property history, as well as unlimited homeowner profiles with contact info — all for free as part of your MLS subscription.

4) Click on a homeowner profile.

See if the homeowner’s email or phone number are listed. Homesnap Pro+ members will also have special access to see any additional demographic information and social media profiles, which provide more insights and avenues for outreach. 

This is the most efficient way to find seller leads, and you can do it all for free. Download Homesnap today — available on iOS and Android — and also available on your desktop computer.

*Homesnap Pro is free to agents in every participating MLS.