An essential part of being a listing agent is finding new seller leads. With All-New Homesnap Pro’s off-market tools, you can better visualize your farming using key factors, such as mortgage age, ownership time, and our Likelihood to List score. Identify the homes most likely to list in the next 12 months, deepen your expertise with MLS, mortgage, tax, and deed histories, and personalize your outreach with unlimited homeowner contact info — all at no cost.



Off-Market Heatmaps

Find seller leads by layering one of 11 new heatmaps onto your off-market searches to better visualize prospecting opportunities.

Off-Market Filters

Apply additional off-market search filters to further narrow your results for more targeted prospecting.


Likelihood to List Score

Our proprietary machine learning algorithm predicts which homes are most likely to list in the next 12 months.

Homeowner Profiles

Get unlimited homeowner contact information on any property — entirely for free — so you can email, call, write, or text seller leads.

Consolidated Property History

Homesnap combines MLS data with historic property records to give you a broader view of every property in your markets.

Turn Seller Leads into Clients

Rapid CMA

Show potential sellers how much their property is worth, relative to the local market.

Net Sheet Calculator

Show potential sellers how much they can pocket from selling.

Agent Quickstart Guide

Homesnap Pro Feature List

Can my clients see off-market information?
Consumers and clients will see only basic information when viewing public record information. They will not see information regarding mortgage, tax, or deed history, likelihood to list scores, or any homeowner information.
What is machine learning?
Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. It is an advanced data science concept that uses thousands to millions of past data points to “train” the machine to predict future outcomes based on currently incomplete data. The more data the machine receives, the more it learns and is able to more accurately predict future outcomes.
Can I export off-market properties and homeowner information?
Not at this time.
How often is your off-market information updated?
We strive to update our off-market information regularly. Because we partner with multiple industry sources, this can vary but our model will continually improve and increase in accuracy.
What inputs go into determining how likely a property is to list?
There are a number of key factors that go into determining how likely a property is likely to list. We have shared a few of them with agents to allow them to also make their own decisions on the likelihood of that property to list. These key factors include but are not limited to: ownership time, mortgage status, distressed status, net equity, occupancy status and listing history.
Where do you pull in your public information from?
We have multiple industry providers that we’ve partnered with to bring you this information. These relationships are confidential.
How accurate is off-market information, such as the mortgage, tax, and deed histories and homeowner information?
Though we strive for the best data possible, there’s always the possibility that this information is outdated or inaccurate. Please use discretion and use this as a supplement to your prospecting.
What's the difference between a heatmap and an off-market filter?
A heatmap highlights properties that match your preferred key factors with a visual overlay. You can enable only one heatmap at a time. You can combine a heatmap with off-market filters, which help narrow down your search. Filters will remove any off-market blue dots and/or listing pins that don’t fit within your criteria. You can set multiple filters at a time.
Can I save an off-market search?
Yes, you can save an off-market search!
Can I view off-market information for homes outside my MLS?
Just like when viewing listings outside your MLS, when you search for off-market properties outside your MLS, your view will default to what consumers see. In this view, you will not be able to view off-market data, such as mortgage, tax, deed, homeowner information or the likely to list score.