Exclusive, Limited-Time Offer: Free Waze Advertisements For Homesnap Agents

Exclusive, Limited-Time Offer: Free Waze Advertisements For Homesnap Agents

UPDATE: This promotion has ended. Stay tuned for more exciting offers.

Waze became one of the hottest real estate advertising channels in 2020. Now, we’re excited to give agents a chance to save big while promoting their brand and listings.

For a limited time, agents who purchase Waze ads between December 2nd and March 2nd will receive additional advertisements for FREE at the end of the promotional period*.

·       Buy 3 Waze Ads → Get 1 Ad Free

·       Buy 5 Waze Ads → Get 2 Ads Free

·       Buy 10 Waze Ads → Get 4 Ads Free

With this exclusive offer, agents can market their business to 130 million users during the winter months and then, in the spring, use their free ads to drive prospective homebuyers and sellers to their open houses.

Claim your FREE Waze Ads 

How Waze advertisements work

When you don’t have a physical location to promote, Waze ads can serve as digital billboards to help your business stay top of mind with consumers in your market, reaching a much wider audience than traditional roadside billboards or yard signs—for far less cost.

Conversely, when you do have a physical location to promote, Waze ads give you the additional option to safely target drivers within a specified radius of a target location, such as an open house, with an offer to (re)direct their GPS navigation to that location. And because all prospects have to do is click “Take me there” to receive individualized, step-by-step directions, these advertisements are particularly effective in removing the barriers (e.g, (mis)remembering directions, getting lost) that can prevent prospects from attending.

There are three types of ads available to you, and which one(s) you choose should depend on your goals. 

Zero-Speed Takeover

Zero-speed takeover ads prompt users, when they come to a full stop, to redirect their drive to your open house. These are ideal for promoting an open house. 

Branded Pin

Digital billboards, branded pin ads put your business on the map. Once users click on your pin, copy and a photo of your choice will populate the top part of the screen.  These are your best bet for building brand awareness. 

Promoted Search

Promoted search ads allow you to jump to the top when users are about to enter something into the Waze search bar. Again, users can choose to navigate straight to your open house.  These can be used for either awareness or to drive attendance. 

Why Waze with Homesnap? 

Homesnap automates the Waze ad buying process, so agents don’t have to create ads from scratch or have an extensive knowledge of digital marketing. Plus, Homesnap leverages our consumer onsite behavior to target in-market consumers with far more precision than DIY alternatives, making it easier than ever for agents to promote their business, build awareness,  and drive interested prospects to their open house. 

How to get your free Waze Ads

1.       Click here to run a campaign on Waze between now and March 2nd

2.       Be on the lookout for an email from the Homesnap team containing your ad credits 

3.       Claim your Free Waze ads on or after March 2nd

*Promotion is available only to those agents who have not purchased a Waze ad in the three months prior to the start of the promotion. Agents who have purchased a Waze ad through Homesnap between September 2, 2020 and December 1, 2020 are not eligible for this offer.