You’re Invited: Sell Homes Faster with Exclusive First Access to Homesnap Pro Sell Speed

You’re Invited: Sell Homes Faster with Exclusive First Access to Homesnap Pro Sell Speed

Want to know the ideal listing price to quickly sell a home? Demonstrate to your client how a change in price affects days on market? Ensure you’re the type of agent who always delivers the best deal?

It’s possible with Sell Speed, now available in beta to Homesnap Pro agents on web and Android.

What is Sell Speed?

Sell Speed is a proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm, composed of hundreds of up-to-the-minute real estate market data points, that predicts how quickly a home will sell at various price points. And unlike Zestimate or price-predictor tools that can cause confusion with clients, Sell Speed is not consumer-facing and is available only to Homesnap Pro agents.

Though currently in beta*, we’re excited to offer our agents an exclusive, early access opportunity to try Sell Speed for themselves. 

How do I use Sell Speed?

Once logged in to your Homesnap Pro account, simply drag the slider to pick a price point and watch as the selling probability timeframe dynamically updates. Homesnap Pro agents can use Sell Speed on their listings or any off-market property, and  Homesnap Pro+ agents can also add Sell Speed to any available active listing**.

Best Practices for using Sell Speed

Enhance your listing presentations with pricing insights

Take the guesswork out of determining an asking price. Wow prospective clients and win more business with accurate, data-driven pricing models based upon proven market predictors, like listings, recent sales, market conditions, local prices, and buyer activity.

Advise sellers on pricing strategy and probable in-market time

Use Sell Speed to help clients set realistic goals and expectations. Illustrate how price fluctuations affect the timeliness of an offer, and guide your clients toward striking the ideal balance between asking price and days on market.

Use as supporting evidence in your buyer price negotiations 

Arm yourself in buyer negotiations. As a Homesnap Pro+ agent, leverage Sell Speed on active listings* to determine a fair market offer for your clients.

Login to your Homesnap Pro account to get started.  Or sign up for Homesnap Pro+ to unlock the full potential of Sell Speed. 

 *Sell Speed is currently in beta, and while we have found it to be accurate in the vast majority of cases, we’re still iterating. Learning takes time, even for machines. We encourage you to use your own judgement when using Sell Speed. 

* * Pro+ Agents will be able to view Sell Speed on any available active listing, barring that the listing agent has not hidden it.