Employee Spotlight: Carisa Sumter

Employee Spotlight: Carisa Sumter

Carisa Sumter is a designer at Homesnap. Carisa has been with Homesnap since March 2019.

Tell us about your career. How did you get into design?

I have been a designer for 12 years. I studied digital media and graphic design at the University of Central Florida. I have always had a love for art and design since I was young. After college I started my career in web and graphic design and worked on projects from websites, branding and print design.

Throughout the years I started enjoying working more in digital design and eventually I landed in an e-commerce design role as a UX Designer for Pandora Jewelry. I was there for four years before I joined Homesnap. I enjoy designing and simplifying user experiences for consumers.

I love that UX is always changing and there is always something new to learn about the way people interact with mobile and app design.

What’s your proudest moment at Homesnap so far?

I’ve been here for five months, and one of the first projects I worked on here at Homesnap was creating a new design for our Homesnap Pro Ads on Waze. With these ads, agents can target nearby drivers to boost listing awareness and foot traffic.

The new design features the agent’s listing photo, name, status, and brokerage logo, therefore giving drivers as much important visual information as possible

I’m proud to come in everyday and learn from the people that I work with.

What has been your favorite project at Homesnap?

I’m assisting with design on a new pilot program for a premium ads solution. I’m working with Lynn Matthysse (UX Strategist) on this project and am excited about the new opportunities for agents to capture leads and increase brand awareness through machine learning.

With this project, I’ve been able to create and contribute some new fresh designs that give these ads a premium, upgraded look and feel. Looking forward to seeing this project take off!

What advice do you have for prospective Homesnap candidates?

Come with an open mind and be ready to learn. Come in wanting to learn beyond your field and have a desire to grow.

What’s your motto or personal mantra?

Keep things simple!

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us.

I used to make my own jewelry, which is why I had an interest in working for Pandora. I used to have my own business on the side for four years. 

If given a chance, who would you like to be for a day?

Amy and Jennifer Hood from Hoodzpah. They are a sister design team in California. I saw them at a conference and was so inspired by the awesome work they do. They have worked with some cool clients and have their own design agency and love what they do.

What book did you read last?

Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike by Phil Knight

What is your favorite thing about Homesnap?

The people and the culture. Everyone is so positive and collaborative here.