Want to Earn Hot Real Estate Leads? Homesnap Pro+ Will Help.

Want to Earn Hot Real Estate Leads? Homesnap Pro+ Will Help.

As an agent, there’s nothing more valuable than earning a lead who is itching to sell or buy a home. Unfortunately, as long as home listings remain at record lows, the competition for hot leads will be fierce.

As multiple agents bid for every listing or to represent an individual home, how can you win their business? More specifically, how can you be one of the first agents they see when they go searching for real estate services?

At Homesnap, we’ve always worked to meet agent needs. Homesnap Pro+ lives up to that standard by getting you in front of leads who want to buy or sell a home. Learn how Homesnap Pro+ helps you earn leads on two valuable platforms: Google and

Hot Lead Location #1: Google

The first and foundational place to earn new buyer and seller leads is Google.

Just think about it: 90% of real estate searches now start online, and Google is the single most popular search engine in the world. When people are looking for a real estate agent, they’re looking on Google. You need to make sure they end up seeing you.

Homesnap Pro+ optimizes your Google presence so that when consumers search for terms such as “real estate agents near me,” you appear at the top of search results.

Real Estate Agents Near Me search

Pro+ optimizes your profile through two strategies. First, Pro+ ensures that you have a verified Google business profile. Your Google business profile contains complete business information, such as your address, phone number, listing photos, and operating hours. In essence, this profile signals to Google – and to people who find you on Google – that you are a legitimate agent with a current, up-to-date practice.

Next, Pro+ helps you take the crucial, necessary steps to obtaining positive, plentiful Google reviews. You will only appear at the top of local searches for real estate services if you have sufficient Google reviews. Plus, what kind of consumer is going to choose you if you have no reviews or testimonials speaking to your abilities?

As a Pro+ agent, you have an inside track on obtaining the reviews you need. Pro+’s One-Click Review Tool makes it so that you don’t need to request reviews through individualized emails, awkward conversations, and time-consuming phone calls. Instead, you can invite clients, colleagues, and personal connections to leave reviews on Google with just one click.

One click review homesnap pro+

We know that having a Google business profile and positive reviews helps agents attract hot leads. In fact, agents who set up a Google business profile and collect five or more reviews appear in nine times more searches and net 17 times more calls and texts from leads.

Hot Lead Location #2:

There’s no doubt that Google is an essential place to find new leads. But it’s not the only game in town.

Prospective home buyers and sellers are also searching for an agent on the agent search directory. As a Pro+ agent, you’ll receive an enhanced agent profile on

The statistics make it clear just how valuable it is to get boosted on and impress high-intent consumers:

  • 85% of visitors who are planning to sell have not yet selected a listing agent.
  • 73% of buyers on have not yet selected a real estate professional.
  • 56% of buyers on plan to move in the next six months.

All this means that by being boosted on, you have the opportunity to showcase your real estate chops to buyers and sellers who are actively looking for agents. As a bonus, most of the consumers sifting through agent profiles are looking to move soon — meaning that the leads you acquire will likely be ready-to-transact without too much nurturing on your end.

want to earn hot real estate leads? homesnap pro+ will help

Now is the right time to prioritize your appearance on the agent directory. We’re investing tens of millions of dollars to surge traffic on, so an enhanced profile will only get more valuable over time.

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