3 Ways to Earn Consumers’ Trust and Win New Clients

3 Ways to Earn Consumers’ Trust and Win New Clients

The most important factor in winning new clients is earning their trust. But as with most things in business, you need a strategic approach that enables you to accomplish this faster than your competitors. By combining these three tactics, all included in a Homesnap Pro+ membership, you’ll easily stand out from the crowd while demonstrating how you make your clients’ real estate journey a successful one. 

1. Verified Google Business Profile

Earning a consumer’s trust is more of a marathon than a sprint. But buyers and sellers don’t have time to build relationships with multiple agents before selecting one. Therefore, you need to consider the ways in which trust can be built quickly. For services like buying and selling real estate, online reviews are an absolutely vital part of building trust fast.

The first thing people do after receiving a referral or seeing an ad that piques their interest is to turn to Google. They want to learn more about you so they feel confident that you’re a good match and worth their business.

After they Google your name, what will they see? Homesnap Pro+ agents show up prominently in search results. Their Google Business Profile, complete with substantial reviews, is displayed on the right-hand side of search results on desktop and at the very top on mobile. There is no better advertisement for your services than achieving such a prime placement on Google.

Pro+ can make this happen quickly. Upon signing up, agents are instantly verified and their Google Business Profile gets published with all the important fields completed, such as business description, professional photographs, contact information, and more. Without Pro+, this process can take weeks, since Google requires individual agents to go through a manual verification process.

2. Having Lots of Google Reviews 

The first step in building trust quickly is to publish your Google Business Profile. Next, you need to start getting reviews to build an impressive online reputation that demonstrates your credibility. 

The Pro+ One-Click Review Tool helps agents obtain more reviews at a faster pace. It is integrated with your Homesnap profile and contact list so that you can easily send a review request to past clients, colleagues, neighbors, friends, and family. You only have to select contacts and hit send once. Then the One-Click Review Tool will automate up to three follow-up messages to those who have not submitted a review. This not only saves you time, but also ensures you get as many reviews on your Google Business Profile as possible.

3. Consistently Getting New Google Reviews 

Now that your Google Business Profile is active and includes positive reviews, you need to keep the momentum going. It’s important to obtain positive reviews on a regular basis to give the appearance that you are busy and have regular, satisfied clients. 

After getting multiple reviews at the outset, use the One-Click Review Tool to send out a few new requests each week. This ensures that no matter when someone sees your profile, you will always have a recent review in addition to a collection of older positive reviews, which signals that you have a track record of successful real estate services.

Buyers and sellers want an agent who is consistent, and Google knows this. The search engine looks favorably upon profiles that are updated regularly with positive reviews because they provide value to searchers. Google rewards the best-maintained profiles by displaying them more frequently when broad but relevant search terms are used (such as “top real estate agents nearby”). 

With these three tactics and Pro+ accelerating your timeline, it will become easier to earn consumers’ trust, win new clients, and generate a pipeline of future reviews. As an added bonus, you’ll continue to prove to Google that you deserve to outrank your competitors for local real estate searches. Upgrade to Pro+ today to get started.

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