Creative Branding Ideas: How Homesnap Agents Stand Out in a Crowded Market

Creative Branding Ideas: How Homesnap Agents Stand Out in a Crowded Market

Let’s face facts: Winning new business is harder than ever.

That’s why we asked several Homesnap Pro agents to share how they are differentiating their brand and standing out in today’s competitive real estate market. Here’s what they had to say:

Turning a passion into a key differentiator

One creative way I am growing my business is by marketing myself in an area I am passionate about: baseball. I sponsor a local little league team, and since I am a retired Major League pitcher, this allows my branding as the “Big League Realtor” to really stand out. I enjoy being able to give back while also sharing my experience and passion with the next generation of players.

Rob Scahill, JW Reedy Realty (MRED), Lombard, IL

Putting a digital spin on buying a cup of coffee

I love coffee and I love people. What better way to bring the two together than brightening someone’s morning than with a free cup of Joe?! My goal is to not only make someone’s day easier, thank them for supporting my page, but to connect afterwards to follow up and start a conversation. Building meaningful relationships is what has helped me be successful in this business thus far, and what better way to do it than over a cup of coffee on me?

Michelle Shunnarah, eXp Realty (Greater Alabama MLS), Hoover, AL

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Showing up for the community

The creative way I market my business is through a Facebook group I created. The Facebook group is called Colorado Girl Gang, and it’s a place for women throughout the state of Colorado. We throw monthly events(virtual, as of now) and come together to learn and grow as a community. Showing up for my community is the first priority, but it has been essential to my real estate business.

Chelsea Blankenship, Golba Group Real Estate (RE Colorado), Fort Collins, CO

Turning a hobby into an opportunity for new business

About 25 % of my business comes from my running network. I’m a member of a local running club in Riverside. I advertise my business when we have local runs, and I give away goody bags with team promotional items such as tote bags, notepads, pens, calendars and Christmas cookies (during the Christmas season) to my running group.

My passion for running started shortly after I left the military. My first time running or running long distance was when I was in the Army, I hated it then. Little did I know that a few years later, I was going to be running marathons and half marathons everywhere. There is something about runners: We love to support and do business with others who share the same passion! 

Mary Baez-Wagner, KW Riverside (CRMLS), Riverside, CA

Adding a personal flair to marketing mailers

How many of us get “just sold” and “for sale” postcards in the mail and simply throw them in the trash? As a realtor, I understand it’s difficult to stand out in a crowd.  With so many different forms of marketing out there, it’s hard to say what makes an emotional connection (the one that makes your clients want to call/text you back).

Since the start of the pandemic, I have taken a different approach to my marketing, one that offers connection and creativity vs. facts/figures. My marketing mailers, dubbed “a little happy,” are unique and creative. I send these out on major holidays, home anniversary, and birthdays, and they usually include small tokens of my appreciation. My marketing mailers have garnered an overwhelmingly positive response. I just want to show my clients (old and new) that I care for them and think about them all year! 

Alexa Coulton, Partners Real Estate (Realtracs), Nashville, TN

Staying ahead of the curve on social media

Every year at our Global Century 21 Convention, they talk about new trends and marketing platforms. Last year, they introduced Tiktok, not just as a platform for preteens, but as an actual business tool. I was leary, but decided to give it a try. Social media is how I got my business off the ground as a new agent with no network years ago, so I’ve always been respectful of the powerful resource it can be. 

The first video I made on Tiktok was thrown together in about 5 minutes and my only prop was a gold scarf. It was about a realtor (me) talking to a client on the phone, who wasn’t pre-approved, and it took a comical turn where I ended up throwing the phone at the end of the call. It ended up going viral, and as you can imagine, led to a lot of questions about pre-approval. 

Tiktok is a phenomenal way to reach a large number of consumers! Whether they are consumers of information, potential buyers, or clients from out of my area that I can refer to other agents in my network, the potential with this platform is largely untapped by professionals.

Staying sharp and up to date on current market data is crucial if you want to give your clients service that exceeds their expectations, and this has been another tool in my toolkit that sets me apart from my competition.

Kassidy Paine, Century 21 Reid Baugher Realty (Maris), Litchfield, IL

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