The Key to Closing Deals and Satisfying Clients

The Key to Closing Deals and Satisfying Clients

The residential real estate market is shifting. Now, listings are rising – there are more than 1 million active listings nationwide.

The holidays are coming up, and you need a reliable way to close deals for your seller and buyer clients before the year ends.

take a holistic approach to marketing homesnap pro plus

One strategy is to list homes and offer bids with a competitive, up-to-date price that will compel the other party to act fast. How can you arrive at the optimal price for both your seller and buyer clients? Upgrade to Homesnap Pro+ and use Sell Speed.

Set the Best Listing Price For Sellers with Sell Speed 

Sellers are often bullish on the value of their home and expect a high sale price. But your sellers’ target price may not reflect the reality of the current housing market and get properties off the market quickly. As a sellers’ agent, you’re balancing three main objectives:

  1. Selling homes at a high price
  2. Selling homes fast
  3. Meeting your clients’ expectations for price and time spent on the market

Sell Speed, powered by up-to-date market data, takes subjectivity out of the equation so you can set the right expectations with your sellers

Using the tool is easy. Just type in the desired listing price, and Sell Speed will show you the likelihood that the property will sell within a particular time frame. Adjust the price and Sell Speed will show you how that change is likely to affect days on market. 

Will your sellers’ desired listing price help them achieve their target close date? Use the information Sell Speed gives you to guide your sellers toward an appropriate listing price that balances all objectives. They’ll get the most money for their property in a time frame that makes them comfortable.

Make the Most Competitive Offers For Buyers with Sell Speed

When your buyers are interested in multiple properties, it’s important to know which best align with both their target purchase price and desired timeline to close. Sell Speed gives you these exact insights. Additionally, Sell Speed helps you arrive at the most competitive offer for a particular property. 

Sell Speed is even more effective when you pair its insights with information you get from the sellers’ agent. Are the owners eager to close fast? Your clients may be able to offer less than anticipated. But you don’t have to blindly guess about the right number. Use Sell Speed to find the right price based on the sellers’ timeline.

BONUS: Win Buyer and Seller Clients with Sell Speed

Sell Speed helps Pro+ agents work more effectively and move their clients through the real estate journey faster. Instead of analyzing market data that you manually piece together, you’ll have instant access to our algorithm’s intelligent market insights. With that information, you’ll be confident making a data-driven recommendation to your clients. 

If you list your home at X, it should sell within 2 to 4 weeks. 

If you offer Y for this property, the sellers are highly likely to accept it.

Speed and certainty are important services for clinching real estate transactions. Buyers and sellers need their real estate agent to confidently make recommendations that will result in the most favorable outcome. Make sure all your prospects are aware of this benefit when you pitch your real estate services (especially during listings presentations), and you will win new business.

Upgrade to Pro+ to gain access to Sell Speed. You’ll be able to start using it immediately, along with a suite of tools that will support you in marketing, prospecting, and increasing your productivity.