Make History With Citysnap’s Historical RLS Feature

Make History With Citysnap’s Historical RLS Feature

Are you a real estate agent seeking data on the history of an NYC listing? Are you curious about prior ownership or past rental details of that Brooklyn brownstone or Manhattan high-rise? Citysnap has you covered.

Citysnap is the premier real estate portal website and app available exclusively for NYC agents, and it features an exhaustive list of information on the history of NYC properties. Plus, Citysnap is the only app with a REBNY RLS-powered property inventory in The Big Apple.

What Types of Historical Data Does Citysnap Offer?

Property historical data for all NYC listings is one of Citysnap’s most convenient and practical features for helping agents close deals. Citysnap features every NYC property’s RLS listing history and public mortgage, tax, and deed data. You can also access ACRIS data.

How Does Citysnap Work?

Citysnap features real-time NYC listing data that you won’t find anywhere else. It empowers real estate agents by providing accurate, comprehensive RLS data that simplifies property examination.

Citysnap isn’t for real estate agents and brokers exclusively. It’s an intuitive, consumer-facing service that is also useful for home buyers. Like real estate agents, buyers can access the easy-to-use Citysnap app and website interfaces to search for their perfect property.

The data is easy to find. On both web and mobile, click on a property’s page and scroll until you see the property history.

You can then access a summary of the property’s sale or rental history, mortgage history, tax and assess value history, and deed history.

How Can I Use This Data?

Citysnap’s comprehensive, up-to-the-minute property data helps buyers find their dream home in the City of Dreams. For example, having historical data on a fixer-upper or a previously damaged property may put a buyer in a position to negotiate for a lower price. And you can find out how much a house has appreciated based on its previous sale prices.

Several factors influence whether or not a potential buyer moves ahead with a home purchase. With Citysnap’s historical data, you can inform clients about a neighborhood crime rate, neighborhood demographics, and local points of interest. 

Additionally, agents can use historical data to inform buyers when a property they’re interested in might require substantial renovation before move-in.

Is Citysnap’s Historical Data Accurate?

With RLS-backed data, Citysnap offers reliable, real-time information at your fingertips. You can easily keep your clients briefed on the details of newly listed properties to gauge interest before visiting in person. 

How Much Does Citysnap’s Historical Data Cost?

Citysnap is free. Whether you’re listing a property or gathering historical info, there are no fees with Citysnap. You also get free leads and no third-party advertising on your listings.

How to Get Citysnap

Citysnap is available for download on iOS and Android devices.