On Citysnap, You’re the Only Agent Your Clients See

On Citysnap, You’re the Only Agent Your Clients See

We’ve heard it again and again. NYC agents like you invite clients and prospects to collaborate on a real estate app, portal, or platform. Your clients sign up and log on, only to see other agents advertised on property listings.

Citysnap is different: When you invite clients to work with you on Citysnap, the invitation is exclusive. You’re the only agent your clients see when logged into Citysnap, which means that Citysnap is a free platform to develop a solid client-agent relationship – not stave off the advances of your competitors.

If you want to strengthen your relationship with your buyers and sellers, Citysnap is the NYC real estate app to use.

Inviting Your Clients to Citysnap

With Citysnap, there’s no need to bombard your clients with repeated calls and emails to get them collaborating on the app. Instead, inviting your clients on Citysnap is as easy as adding a new contact to your smartphone. With just a few taps, you can invite clients individually or allow the app to request to add every contact on your device. 

How to Invite Your Clients

Citysnap’s interface is as snappy as its services. It’s clean, intuitive, and will simplify your communication with new and current clients.

To add a client, tap the “Me” tab in the bottom right corner of your screen. Next, tap “Clients” and then “Add More Clients.”

Plug in a client’s email address or phone number to invite them to Citysnap. You can also tap the circle to the right of a preexisting contact’s name to send an invite. Alternatively, tap “Invite All” to request every contact on your device.

After your clients accept the invitation, you can immediately start working with them on Citysnap.

Working With Your Clients on Citysnap

So, you’ve got your clients on the app. What’s next?

Citysnap allows you to take care of most of your tasks in-app. For example, Citysnap’s map-like search function allows you to browse and filter homes available for rent or purchase in a specific area. For your commuting clients, you can also search properties by subway line.

For more in-depth data, Citysnap offers you and your clients a mortgage calculator, mortgage history, confidential RLS data and history, and listing media like Sky Camskycam and 3D tours.

Sharing & Favoriting Properties

Are there hot properties you’re constantly checking out on the web? They’re popular, have great locations, tons of amenities, and clients can’t stop asking about them. With Citysnap, you no longer have to open your browser to search for those properties. Instead, favorite those homes and share with clients so you both have easy access to the most desirable listings in NYC.

To favorite a listing, tap the star on any property, which will save it to a list in your feed. In addition, you can keep track of your clients’ favorite homes, as they will appear in your Citysnap News Feed.

In-App Messaging

Communicating with your clients doesn’t get any easier than with Citysnap’s in-app messaging system. You can view and discuss every property you and your clients have shared in a single thread, much like text messages. Your clients also have access to each property’s current RLS status. Other agents aren’t part of these conversations – your clients’ favorite properties are associated with you and only you.

Build Strong Relationships With Your Clients on Citysnap

Citysnap is a free, handy app for navigating the NYC housing market. It’s a hub for property listing data and communication between agents and clients. Plus, Citysnap’s features – like its mortgage calculator, messaging, sharing, and favoriting – help smooth and simplify the property buying and selling process for your clients in NYC. Most of all, unlike other real estate apps, your clients won’t see ads or information about other agents when you invite them to use Citysnap. You’re the only agent or broker they’ll see.