Say Hello to Citysnap, the Real Estate App for NYC, by NYC

Say Hello to Citysnap, the Real Estate App for NYC, by NYC

Citysnap, the ultimate NYC real estate app, is now live. Citysnap is changing NYC real estate for the better, providing an accurate, consumer- and agent-friendly NYC rental and sales inventory for all RLS listings.

For consumers, Citysnap is the only real estate app in NYC with a complete, RLS-provided inventory of rentals and sales. Those rentals and sales are up-to-date and easy to search for.

For agents and brokers in New York City, Citysnap Pro provides a fee-free listings platform for all for-sale and for-rent properties. Those listings are synced automatically, straight from RLS to Citysnap. Plus, Citysnap Pro doesn’t allow other brokers to advertise on or steal listings. Best of all, agents’ and brokers’ REBNY membership includes Citysnap Pro at no additional cost.

Agents who want NYC’s best real estate marketing and productivity solution can upgrade to Citysnap Pro+. Agents who want to attract high-quality NYC leads at a fraction of competitors’ costs should consider Citysnap Concierge.

Get Citysnap and enjoy the ultimate NYC real estate app, which provides features and benefits no other real estate portal, app, or technology in NYC can match.

Introducing Citysnap NYC

  1. Why Citysnap?
  2. Citysnap, Homesnap, and CoStar Group
  3. Benefits of Citysnap for Consumers
  4. Benefits of Citysnap Pro for Agents and Brokers
  5. What is Citysnap Pro+?
  6. What is Citysnap Concierge?
  7. Get Citysnap

Why Citysnap?

When we talked to consumers and agents in New York City, we heard the same refrains again and again about existing real estate portals, apps, and technologies:

  • There wasn’t a single database with all available listings from the five boroughs.
  • Consumers and agents weren’t able to easily collaborate.
  • Access to historical property data is important – and existing real estate portals weren’t providing it.
  • Agents didn’t like paying daily fees to list a property for sale or rent.
  • Consumers didn’t like existing clunky, hard-to-navigate apps and portals.
  • Consumers and agents wished they had access to a go-to NYC real estate platform that was simple, user-friendly, and comprehensive.

Finally, we heard enough. It was time to build Citysnap and put these concerns to rest. With Citysnap, consumers and real estate agents now have a single, comprehensive, easy-to-use database of all RLS real estate listings in NYC – for sale and for rent.

Citysnap makes client-agent collaboration and communication easy, provides access to historical property data, and doesn’t force agents to pay a fee to list their property.

In particular, Citysnap is the only real estate app in NYC powered exclusively by the RLS. When NYC listings go live, Citysnap’s partnership with the RLS ensures that they appear on Citysnap.

Citysnap is now the go-to real estate app in New York City, and is providing consumers and agents in NYC with the features and benefits they’ve long desired.

Citysnap, Homesnap, and CoStar Group

You may be wondering: What does Citysnap have to do with Homesnap?

Citysnap is a custom, made-for-NYC version of Homesnap, the real estate industry’s national search portal. Citysnap was designed in partnership with the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY), the City’s leading real estate trade association.

Citysnap has the kind of intuitive, easy-to-use design that Homesnap users love. And Citysnap’s partnership with REBNY means that like Homesnap, Citysnap contains the most accurate, up-to-date listings possible – in this case, across all five boroughs of New York City.

Homesnap is part of CoStar Group, the leading provider of commercial real estate information, analytics, and online marketplaces. For NYC consumers and agents, Citysnap’s relationship to CoStar is a big win. CoStar has long provided unmatched insights about commercial real estate and online marketplaces. Now, with Homesnap, Citysnap, and, CoStar is investing millions of dollars into the residential market – improving home and property searching, buying, renting, and selling for consumers and agents.

Benefits of Citysnap for Consumers

If you’re a consumer in NYC, Citysnap makes it possible to Find a New Place in a Snap. For example, as a Citysnap buyer, seller, or renter, you enjoy:

1. Fully Comprehensive Listings 

Listings of properties are accurate, up-to-date, and powered by RLS – which puts Citysnap a cut above other NYC real estate portals. No bait-and-switch, no fake listings. Search by your commute, whether a property is for sale or rent, or within a certain borough, school district, or zip code. See similar listings and recent sales, so you have a strong sense of the market in your slice of the City.

2. Communicating With Agents and Brokers

In addition to the accurate RLS data and NYC property information, Citysnap makes it easier for consumers to contact agents and brokers. Citysnap Messages is easy-to-use and automatically keeps the properties you and your agent have shared with each other in a single thread, along with the property’s current RLS status. Whether you want to review a listing your agent just shared or ask them about an upcoming property tour, Citysnap Messages allows you to communicate quickly.

3. An App Built for New York City

Citysnap is designed specifically for people in New York City. Citysnap’s NYC-specific features include:

  • Commute search and subway line feature: Many people in NYC use public transportation, so when Citysnap users search for a property’s commute, the default results are transit directions. Plus, you can narrow down your Citysnap searches by NYC subway lines to identify properties close to your preferred train.
  • Amenity Filters: Search for properties by using NYC-only amenity filters, such as in-unit washer/dryer, on-site staffing, elevators, and storage.
  • Neighborhood Pages: Search for properties by specific neighborhoods, and enjoy access to residential market statistics and nearby schools, subway stops, and parks.
  • Comprehensive info about NYC residential buildings: View floor plans and photo galleries for a given NYC building.
  • Sky Cam: View stunning flyover videos for NYC buildings and property pages for an unrivaled look at a listing’s place in NYC.

Benefits of Citysnap Pro for Agents and Brokers

If you’re an agent or broker in NYC, Citysnap Pro is for you. With Citysnap Pro, you have a free, one-stop platform to find clients, provide them the best experience possible, and get the most competitive offers on your listings.

1. Find New Sellers

As a Citysnap Pro agent, you’ll find new sellers before your competition.

Property Heatmaps – including Likelihood to List (which predicts the properties most likely to hit the market), RLS Status, and various mortgage filters – make it easier to visualize prospecting opportunities, block-by-block and neighborhood-by-neighborhood.

With Citysnap Pro, you’ll also access unlimited property owner information and a full property history, which means you can reach buyers and sellers and talk to them knowledgeably about their property.

2. Provide Your Buyers and Renters a Happier Home Search

Using Citysnap Pro enables you to do right by your clients. To start, you can invite clients to work exclusively with you within Citysnap, ensuring that you are the only agent clients see when logged into the app. Inviting clients into Citysnap is easy, and so is using the platform to connect with other agents, communicate with your clients using Citysnap Messages, and keep up with client preferences by having their favorite properties automatically populate in your News Feed.

3. Access Comprehensive RLS Insights

As an NYC agent, information is valuable. That’s why Citysnap Pro gives you access to valuable, comprehensive RLS insights. For a given property, you’ll have access to a full history including RLS, mortgage, tax, and deed information, the property line boundary, as well as information about related agents and people. You’ll also be able to access ACRIS data, the historical source of public record documents in NYC.

Beyond a comprehensive view of historical market activity for every home, NYC agents like you have access to properties such as Agent Deal and Agent Search, in which you can view other agents’ historical transactions and contact information. Use Who’s Viewed to see how many consumers have viewed your listings in the last 90 days, as well as how many agents have viewed your profile and listings.

4. Ace the Property Showing Experience With Citysnap Showings

Touring properties and hosting showings isn’t easy. That’s why Citysnap Pro agents and brokers have access to Citysnap Showings, the most agent-friendly showings management solution in NYC.

For listing agents, Citysnap Showings is fast, free, and easy-to-use. You can customize each NYC listing to meet seller needs, go live in one click, and manage approvals from everywhere. Listing agents also benefit from better follow-ups and reporting, as strategically timed, automatic reminders alert you when buyers leave feedback on the property. Citysnap Showings makes it easier to track your showings performance with easy-to-read reports. 

For buyers’ agents, Citysnap Showings allows for instant bookings and seamless communication. Book a tour and time on your calendar is automatically blocked. When things change, Citysnap Messages makes communicating with the listing agent easy. Communicating with clients is better, too, when you can share custom itineraries and smart routing with them. Buyers’ agents also benefit from automatic notifications sent to clients, which prompts them to give you fresh, honest feedback about a recently toured property.

5. Automate Your Marketing

Citysnap Pro agents have access to successful, automated, paid digital marketing campaigns across New York City. Whether your goal is to generate leads, build brand awareness, or get more people to a property showing, Citysnap Listing Ads provide you marketing automation on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Waze.

Automating your ads doesn’t have to break the bank. Sign up for Citysnap Pro’s Subscribe & Save membership and we’ll automatically create ads for you in a customized program that fits your marketing needs. Plus, you and your sellers will know how well your ads are performing courtesy of reports about your listing ads that cover metrics such as views, clicks, and leads generated.

What is Citysnap Pro+?

Citysnap Pro+ is a premium membership for NYC real estate brokers and agents that includes additional marketing and productivity tools. With Citysnap Pro+, you’ll improve your online reputation and become more knowledgeable about the NYC market, both of which help improve your business.

1. Citysnap Pro+ Helps NYC Agents Build Online Authority and Reach

Citysnap Pro+ improves your reputation and presence online. That starts with Google, the world’s biggest search engine. Pro+ verifies your Google Business Profile, ensuring that it includes up-to-date business information that marks you as a credible NYC agent. 

Because positive, plentiful Google reviews vault you to the top of results for Google search queries like “real estate agents in New York City,” Pro+ also makes review generation simple. The One-Click Review Tool allows you to request Google reviews from all your Citysnap contacts in a single click – and automates up to three follow-up emails.

Citysnap Pro+ also boosts your online reputation and reach on other online platforms by:

Enhancing your Citysnap agent profile with information that impresses and converts prospects. In addition to your Google rating and reviews, potential clients see a check-mark badge that confirms you’re a verified agent.

Boosting your profile, so that you receive an enhanced profile in the highly-trafficked agent and broker search directory, leading to more attention, leads, and local awareness.

Providing you a custom real estate website, with a simplified, elegant layout, powered by Citysnap Search.

2. Citysnap Pro+ Helps NYC Agents Get Unrivaled Property and Market Insights

Citysnap Pro+ provides you the property and market insights to become an NYC real estate expert and prospect for new clients.

Advanced heatmaps and filters make it easy to identify NYC properties that are likely to hit the market. Premium filters, such as loan balance, help you prospect for people in NYC who are ready to sell their property – and additional property owner information such as demographics and social media profiles prepare you for conversations with potential sellers. Flashback photos give you access to a unified gallery of historical listing photos.

Citysnap Pro+ also generates a custom, professionally designed lead page for all your marketing needs. This makes it easier to win listing presentations, since you can promise clients that their listing will be showcased on its own single property website.

Finally, as a Citysnap Pro+ agent, you get more out of Who’s Viewed. Use it to learn which specific agents are viewing your profile and listings. Sort the agents who are viewing your profile by productivity, send them a message in one click, and figure out how to win the NYC market.

Get Citysnap Pro+ today to become the go-to agent in your corner of NYC.

What is Citysnap Concierge?

Citysnap Concierge elevates digital advertising for NYC agents to a new level of performance. Concierge helps you attract more high-quality leads who are NYC property buyers and sellers – all for a lower cost than other market alternatives. It’s an all-in-one marketing solution that manages, runs, and optimizes your marketing campaigns so that you can focus your time on working with clients and closing deals.

Citysnap Concierge helps you tap into the huge number of qualified leads that use Facebook and Google. Sometimes, agents tell us that advertising on those platforms is difficult, because the quality of leads was low or because they spent too much time qualifying leads, making follow-up calls, or understanding campaign results. Citysnap Concierge handles all that for you, using in-house digital advertising experts to run your ads on Google Search, Google Local Services Ads, Google Discovery Ads, and Facebook. 

Citysnap Concierge marketing campaigns are managed with precision. You get live phone calls from leads who are ready to buy or sell. Leads who require more nurturing are labeled clearly, and saved for later.

Get Citysnap Concierge to hear from the hottest buyer and seller leads in NYC and win more business.

How to Get Citysnap

Citysnap is available for download on iOS and Android devices.

To learn more about Citysnap Pro+, schedule a consultation with a Pro+ specialist.

To learn more about Citysnap Concierge, book time with a Concierge consultant.