Your Clients Want Access to Real, Accurate NYC Property Listings. They Should Be On Citysnap.

Your Clients Want Access to Real, Accurate NYC Property Listings. They Should Be On Citysnap.

For years, we heard from people in New York City that for all the real estate portals, apps, and technologies on the market, not one was a trusted source of real, accurate, up-to-date NYC property listings.

That’s no longer the case.

citysnap pro+

Citysnap, the ultimate NYC real estate app, is live and changing NYC real estate for the better. The first order of business? Providing consumers and agents a complete, RLS-provided inventory of rentals and sales – all available listings, all five boroughs, all free for buyers and sellers.

Citysnap: Where Your Clients Search for Listings With Confidence

We get it: If a client asked you for information about local listings and you spewed incorrect or outdated information, you’d lose credibility, and possibly their business.

The same standard applies when clients ask you what real estate portal they should use to search for properties. If you suggest a platform that features out-of-date listings, isn’t built for NYC, or baits consumers with inaccurate listing information, your clients have reason to believe that you don’t have up-to-date information on the market, and won’t find them the best home or help them sell at the best price.

This is why you should invite your clients to collaborate on Citysnap. Citysnap is the only real estate app in NYC with a complete, RLS-provided inventory of rentals and sales. That means Citysnap is the one platform you can recommend to your clients with 100% confidence.

In addition to being to one place your clients will find comprehensive NYC listing information, consumers have reason to be impressed by Citysnap because:

  • Citysnap is built for New York City: Citysnap’s NYC-specific features include a commute search and subway line feature, amenity filters (including whether a property has an in-unit washer/dryer), the ability to search for properties by neighborhood, and flyover videos of NYC buildings and properties.
  • Citysnap makes it easier to communicate with agents and brokers: What’s the point of your client finding properties they like if they can’t share them with you? Fortunately, Citysnap makes it easier for you and your clients to communicate. Citysnap Messages keeps the properties you and your clients have shared in a single, easy-to-access thread, so you’re on the same page.

Overall, Citysnap is an app built with agents’ needs in mind. But agents’ needs include consumer and client satisfaction. With real, accurate NYC property listings, Citysnap is consumer-friendly and worth recommending to your clients.