9 Best Apps for Real Estate Agents

9 Best Apps for Real Estate Agents

Looking to use the best apps for real estate agents? We’ve identified 9 apps that help agents generate leads, organize tasks, and run an effective business. Use these 9 real estate apps to increase your number of clients, close more deals, and run the strongest real estate business possible.

  1. Homesnap Pro
  4. Waze
  5. Todoist
  6. 1Password
  7. Photoshop Express Photo Editor
  8. QuickBooks
  9. DocuSign

9 Best Apps for Real Estate Agents in 2022

As a real estate agent, you work on the move. From office meetings to client training to listing presentations to open houses – you operate as a one-person mobile office nearly every day. You’re already using your smartphone to field calls, texts, and emails. So, make sure that you get the most out of your iPhone or Android by identifying and using the best apps for real estate agents.

Apps real estate agents use are sometimes designed specifically with you in mind, while others are meant for anyone who is running a small business or trying to be more efficient with their workday. Either way, using these apps will make you a better, more responsive agent who can meet your clients’ needs, close deals, and earn new business. 

Best Apps for Real Estate Agents: Lead Generation

Homesnap Pro

As an agent, you won’t find a more informational, lead-generating tool for selling homes than Homesnap Pro. Homesnap Pro is free and features direct integration with more than hundreds of MLSs across the country so that you have access to comprehensive MLS data such as price history, showings instructions, commission splits, property summary, recent sales, comps, school districts and property lines.* Homesnap Pro also incorporates third-party data to surface listing details that agents otherwise wouldn’t have access to, such as historical deed, mortgage, and tax records.

Homesnap Pro is built for agents and has a variety of productivity and engagement tools, all available from the app or on a desktop browser. You can also share a branded version of the app with clients to collaborate on their home search and ensure that clients aren’t poached by third-party advertisers. Plus, you can message directly with their leads and clients on the app – making Homesnap Pro a one-stop location to coordinate your clients’ home buying and selling activities.

Homesnap Pro also doubles as a home showing app: Homesnap Showings is a new, free, and modern showings management tool for agents in participating MLSs.

Homesnap Showings: Deliver the Best Showing Experience for Your Clients

Showings is a one-stop solution for buyer and listing agents, and will help you run the smoothest home showings possible for your clients.

Homesnap Pro also has paid features, such as the ability to launch multi-channel ad campaigns that are fully managed by the Homesnap team. With Homesnap Pro+, you receive the best online reputation and lead generating marketing tool on the market.

Homesnap Pro+

Pro+ helps you own Google local search results, build a strong Google business profile, provides you a custom, personalized website, and features advanced lead prospecting tools that helps you find homeowners who are ready to sell.

Cost: Homesnap Pro is FREE. Talk with a Pro+ consultant to learn about upgrades.

Get Homesnap Pro for Android or iOS.

You’re already aware of how essential it is that you reach prospective home buyers and sellers on Google, social media platforms, and other digital channels.

If you want to connect with high-intent buyers and sellers searching for their next home, you should also be working to reach prospective clients on is the premier online home buying site, and endeavors to connect agents, buyers, and sellers. With over 1 million listings, you should feel confident that if you’re on, you’ll reach the highest-intent, highest-value consumers on the market.

Just how valuable are users?

  • 85% of visitors who are planning to sell have not yet selected a listing agent.
  • 73% of buyers on have not yet selected a real estate professional.
  • 56% of buyers on plan to move in the next six months.

In other words, users are ready to buy or sell a home and have also generally not yet selected an agent to help them do it. You owe it to yourself to develop a presence on so that you can reach these future leads.

Better yet, and Homesnap are now part of the same family at CoStar Group, and agents who upgrade to Homesnap Pro+ will now receive the added benefit of a boosted profile on

Get Boosted on with Homesnap Pro+

Now, when prospects look for a real estate agent, Pro+ members have an enriched profile that shows your five-star Google reviews, review rating, Google posts, agent stories, photos, and business hours and information.

Use to reach high-intent customers with a profile that showcases your real estate expertise. Then, enjoy more and better leads.

Cost: Listing properties and creating a profile on is FREE. Unlocking the full range of lead generation possibilities is made easier with a Pro+ membership.

Get for Android or iOS.

If you’re an agent who is looking to reach renters, there is no better place to find leads than is the leading online apartment listing website, offering renters access to information on more than 1 million houses, townhomes, condos, and apartments that are for rent.

When you list your rentals on, you receive free and exclusive leads, as works directly with hundreds of MLSs across the country to provide brokers and agents like you maximum visibility for each of their listings. Your listings get 7x more exposure across the web thanks to the network of sites. user search

Unlike other websites, never sells or shares your leads with your competitors. All leads for your listings are sent directly to you free and are yours exclusively. Plus, once you have leads, helps you expeditiously close deals with advanced tools and technology such as online applications and digital leases.

Cost: FREE, so long as your MLS is a participating member. Check if your MLS is a data feed partner.

Get for Android or iOS.


You likely already know about Waze as a useful app that gives you driving instructions and live updates to avoid traffic on the road and get places without delays or stress.

What you may not realize is that Waze does more than get you from Point A to Point B. Waze Ads is an effective way to reach potential buyers as they drive by your home listings and neighborhoods where you do business.

The COVID-19 pandemic upended many forms of digital marketing, and we’ve registered an incredible increase in the number of agents using Waze Ads since the start of the pandemic – upwards of 150%.

waze ads

Our agents have found that Waze is particularly effective at advertising specific events, such as open houses. As you advertise on other channels such as Google and Facebook, consider taking out a Waze Ad close to and during the hours of the open house. You may find that drivers saw the the ad while stopped at a red light and decided to come by.

Homesnap Pro agents have an advantage when it comes to advertising on Waze: Homesnap automates the Waze ad buying process, so you don’t have to create ads from scratch or have an extensive knowledge of digital marketing targeting and optimization techniques. Plus, Homesnap leverages consumer behavior to target in-market consumers with precision, making it easier than ever for agents to drive interested, likely-to-buy prospects to your open house.

Cost: For users, Waze is FREE to download and use. Waze Ads are affordable, especially if you buy them through Homesnap Pro Ads.

Get Waze for Android or iOS.

Best Apps for Real Estate Agents: Task Management & Organization


Todoist is a task management app with a host of capabilities. With Todoist, you can: 

  • Organize tasks and projects
  • Apply labels and filters
  • Set reminders, priority levels, and due dates 

You can also add other people to projects you create so they can see the details, comment, share files and more. One of Todoist’s best features is its integration capabilities with other apps. You can sync your Todoist account with the tools you use every day, such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Chrome, Zapier, Alexa, and Slack.

todoist dashboard

Productivity apps are most useful when fully synced with all of your devices, and Todoist does that well. Besides the smartphone apps, you can download Todoist to your desktop, add it as a browser extension, enable it as an email plug-in, and add it to your smartwatch.

Cost: FREE. Subscription upgrade options available.

Get Todoist for Android or iOS.


If you have the same password for every one of your online logins, your data simply isn’t secure. But practically every site and digital tool requires a password, and it can be difficult to remember them all. That’s why you need a password manager.

1Password provides you a place to store various passwords, software licenses, and other sensitive information in a virtual vault that is locked with a guarded master password.

1password app

Once you program the app, you simply open it, tap the account you want to access and 1Password will launch the app or website automatically (and autofill your login details). 1Password is able to store logins, lockbox combinations, credit cards, addresses, notes, bank accounts, driver’s licenses, and passports – so you can use it for your professional and personal needs.

Cost: Starting at $2.99/mo with a free 14-day trial

Get 1Password for Android or iOS.

Photoshop Express Photo Editor

If you want leads, it’s essential that you have compelling, professional listing or ad photos. Adobe Photoshop Express has all the crucial tools you need to have the best listing photos possible.

Photoshop Express provides all the typical quick fixes, such as cropping, straightening, rotating and auto-adjusting for contrast and exposure enhancements. 

photoshop express

You can also dig deeper with filters and color effects that help make your photos look sharp and eye-catching. Best of all, Photoshop Express has tools to create collages and add text, logos, watermarks, and borders to any image.

Cost: FREE. Subscription upgrade options available

Get Photoshop Express for Android or iOS.

Best Apps for Real Estate Agents: Accounting & Contracts


As an agent, you often operate more like an entrepreneur or individual contractor than a traditional, salaried employee. That means you need to manage your own professional finances, and may mean that QuickBooks from Intuit is an important app to have at your fingertips.

QuickBooks is one of the best apps for real estate agents because it helps you track and itemize your many expenses.

Need supplies for an open house or even to get a quick coffee with a prospective home seller? QuickBooks helps you track these expenses and compare them to your income. Plus, QuickBooks accepts credit cards and electronic payments and money transfers.

Know how much money you have coming in, how much is going out, and whether or not your real estate business is meeting your financial benchmarks with QuickBooks.

Cost: Plans start at $25 per month.

Get QuickBooks for Android or iOS.


The reality of real estate is that verbal agreements only mean so much: Contracts have to be put down on paper.

But given the on-the-go nature of your job and the increasingly digital business atmosphere you and your clients live in, it’s essential that you are able to seamlessly and quickly prepare, send, sign, and document your contracts from your phone.

That’s where DocuSign can help. DocuSign is a suite of applications and integrations for automating and connecting the entire agreement process.

You can sign documents electronically, automate when and how you send different contracts, generate new documents and contracts, and even analyze contracts with artificial intelligence to make sure they meet legal standards.

DocuSign saves you time and money printing and mailing contracts, and is accessible wherever you are or plan to be.

Cost: Plans range from $10 per month to $40 per month, with a $25 plan designed specifically for real estate agents.

Get DocuSign for Android or iOS.

Use the Best Apps for Real Estate Agents to Grow Your Business

In a competitive market, it is essential that you have the technology to attract new leads, effectively service your existing clients, and do it all from your phone.

The 9 top apps for real estate agents featured above will help you earn leads, stay organized, and manage your finances and contracts. Download these apps to become the go-to agent in your neighborhood and town for home buyers and sellers.

*Homesnap Pro is free to agents in every participating MLS.