NEW: The Benefits of Homesnap Showings for Listing Agents

NEW: The Benefits of Homesnap Showings for Listing Agents

Last week, we announced the introduction of Homesnap Showings, the most agent-friendly, easy-to-use real estate showings tool on the market.

As with all our products, Homesnap Showings is a tool that puts agents first. With Showings, agents get a modern showings tool and can be certain their client data won’t be shared with a competitor.

From spending hundreds of hours interviewing agents, we know that listing and buyer’s agents have specific needs and wants.

Listing agents have to manage many moving parts, and Homesnap Showings provides them the tools to make the most of their real estate showings.

With Homesnap Showings, listing agents will experience easier showings management in six big ways:

  1. Easy setup: Follow a simple step-by-step process to customize your listing.
  2. Go live in one click: Get your showing on the market in a single click.
  3. Manage approvals on-the-go: Approve or decline showings requests from anywhere.
  4. Calendar integrations: See all your appointments in one single location. 
  5. Get feedback instantly: Receive quick feedback from buyer’s agents thanks to automated reminders from Homesnap. 
  6. Better reporting: Easily see how your listing performed. 

1. Fast, easy-to-use setup

Each agent has a unique schedule. Each seller has unique expectations. Each listing has unique requirements. With Homesnap Showings, you can easily customize your listing to meet those needs. Set up a listing’s rules in just a few clicks.

Select the showing type that is right for you

For some listings, the client will want to confirm a showing. For other listings, the client is fine with you approving the showing. And for some listings, your client won’t need anybody to approve an appointment. With Showings, agents can select the appointment option that works for their client.

Select available times

Sync your listing to your schedule and your calendar, and experience complete control over the times people can select for their showing appointment.

Add access and special instructions (for agents-only or public viewing)

Leave instructions and notes to all people who view the listing or just for buyer’s agents. Some listings require additional information, and Showings allows you to provide it to the audience of your choice.

2. Go live in one click

Once you have customized your showing to your preferences, click the “Accepting Showings Requests” toggle to tell the world your listing is available! Accepting an offer and want to turn off showings? Turning off showings also only takes one click. If you have future showings scheduled, you can choose to keep or cancel them.

3. Manage approvals from anywhere

Showings management accessibility and flexibility has never been more important to agents. With Homesnap Showings, you can approve or decline showing requests while in your car, at a showing, or at your desk, directly from notifications. Our brand-new Smart Notifications simplify your daily workflow by setting your communication preferences and approve or deny requests directly from SMS, push notifications, or email. Plus, Smart Notifications automatically use the best contact method — ensuring that you see every notification you need to.

4. Make the most out of your day

With Google calendar integrations, you have the power to manage all of your requests in one place. When you have a pending request or a confirmed booking, they will automatically populate on your calendar. Spend less time managing your schedule and more time touring clients, finding leads, and closing deals.

5. Less follow-up. More feedback.

90% of the agents we interviewed and surveyed preached the importance of receiving feedback from buyer’s agents after a showing. Listing agents also expressed how they spent countless hours sending follow-ups to buyer’s agents to get feedback. Homesnap Showings handles those follow-ups for you. Strategically timed, automatic reminders are sent following the showing and increase responses from the buyer’s side.

Once feedback comes through, you will be alerted instantly. You can view all your organized feedback on your listing report. You decide whether to share that feedback with your seller. Not all feedback is created equal, so you get to choose what the public and prospective clients get to see.

6. Better reporting

It’s important to understand the results of your showing strategy, whether you have 1 or 100 listings. With Homesnap Showings, you can keep tabs on your listing and showing trends over time.

Easy-to-read reports help you get a complete picture of your listing performance. Glean better showing management insights to continuously evolve your listing strategy and set new best practices.

See why Homesnap Showings makes your showings management easy.