NEW: The Benefits of Homesnap Showings for Buyer’s Agents

NEW: The Benefits of Homesnap Showings for Buyer’s Agents

By now, we hope you’ve heard the good news: Homesnap Showings is now included as part of Homesnap Pro, available for FREE to agents nationwide as an MLS benefit.

We’ve already covered how Homesnap Showings is a boon to listing agents, but we built this one-stop showing management technology with buyer’s agents in mind, too. As a buyer’s agent, you have specific challenges and needs — namely, going above-and-beyond to help your clients find their new home. With Homesnap Showings, being a buyer’s agent becomes easier for you and buying a home becomes more enjoyable for your clients.

For agents looking for a one-stop showings management tool that improves their clients’ experience, Homesnap Showings offers five primary benefits:

  1. Instant bookings: See available times and book them in a single click.
  2. Seamless agent communication: Connect with listing agents seamlessly via Homesnap Messages.
  3. Customized itineraries: Compile all your showings — across different showing management tools — in one place. 
  4. Smart routing: Get an optimized route mapped out for your day of showings. 
  5. Easy feedback: Fill out feedback forms and let the listing agent know how interested you are in the property.

1. Instant bookings

Homesnap Showings eliminates the time-consuming need to make calls or wait to schedule a showing. If you find a time that works for you and your client, instantly book it. All available showing times are preset by the listing agent for you to select. If the property requires approval before the showing can be booked, the listing agent will be immediately notified upon your submission request. Better yet, Homesnap Showings will hold the calendar reservation even before approval to avoid double bookings.

2. Seamless agent communication

With Homesnap Messages, Showings keeps agents in-the-know. Once you submit your request, the listing agent will receive a notification — and as soon as they approve your request, you will be informed immediately! 

Life can be messy. If you have an issue, need to reschedule, or just have a quick question, you can use Homesnap Messages to send the listing agent a note directly within the app.

3. Customized itineraries  

Plan the optimal day for a buyer. With itineraries, you customize the best experience for your client. Whether you plan a day to see 1 property or 10 properties, you have full control over your itinerary, even if one of the properties on your itinerary is managed with a different showing management tool.

Your whole schedule, access details, and agent contact info will be in one place. Share the day you planned with your client, and add non-showing related stops such as getting coffee or lunch to design a wonderful experience for your client. 

4. Smart routing

Once you’ve built your itinerary and booked your showings, Homesnap Showings will automatically map out the best route to take. You can adjust and set the path you wish to take and share it with your client. 

5. Easier feedback, better client collaboration

Within your itinerary dashboard, you can access easy-to-use feedback forms to let the listing agent know how your client felt about the property.

Once your showing ends, you will receive automatic notifications that give you the option to work with your client and provide comments or interest level in the property — making it more likely your client will receive a call back about properties they’re actually interested in.

Check out our Homesnap Showings dashboard and experience first-hand how Showings improves buyers’ agents performance and client satisfaction.