Award-Winning Agents Share the Secrets to Their Success

Award-Winning Agents Share the Secrets to Their Success

This year, Homesnap recognized the most productive Homesnap agents in the industry, all of whom were in the top 15% in transactions nationwide. Recently, we asked several of our winners to share the secrets to their success.  Here’s what they had to say:

Rapidly adopting tech-forward solutions  

“I love helping people, so that will always be my number one motivator. I am also “that tech agent” that has a solution for clients and other agents when the in-person aspect of real estate is just not possible.

Despite the challenges brought on by 2020, I am thrilled to be able to help so many families by combining my knowledge and experience in real estate with technology and a little creativity! Tools like Homesnap, 3D tours, video walkthroughs, floor plans, and, of course, virtual live showings and open houses are a MUST in order to keep people safe while moving forward with buying and selling. Being able to facilitate safe, well-executed real estate sales for my clients is a joy. I absolutely love my job!”

Joie Ashworth, Weichert Realtors, Silver Spring, MD  

Fostering connections even when apart   

“I focused on connecting with my people during the lockdowns and updating my systems to function in a virtual world. I connected mostly through virtual meetings and phone calls. I really wanted it to be personal and we were all looking for ways to fill time there for a little bit. With that being said, creating systems for safe socially distanced practices was at the top of my list. I invested in technology for 3D tours and virtual meetings!”

Shannon Smith, Next Step Realty, Timonium, MD

Capitalizing on digital marketing while everyone is at home and online

“After the shutdown, I spent one week feeling bad for myself.  Then, I quickly shifted gears and realized this may be a bigger opportunity to capture more business than I previously thought.  Albeit this time period was an extremely tough time for our country, everybody was going to be at home—thus more likely to take a phone call or browse for houses in their downtime. So, instead of staying stagnant myself, I looked at this as a new opportunity to reach more people and I got busy!” 

Scott Lipschutz, Keller Williams, Main Line & Greater Philly

Becoming the digital-first agent homebuyers and sellers want

The number one thing that impacted my business the most was my mindset! I wasn’t going to let the pandemic stop me from closing deals, instead I let the situation fuel me and I learned to adapt and win! Luckily, my clients trust me and listen to me as their expert, so as a team, we always find a solution to win!!  Use technology to your advantage. As the market is shifting to digital, we have to learn how to use these tool to help us succeed.

Brook Karnjanasiriwan, Julies Realty, LLC, Miami, FL

Empathizing with clients and realizing the “new normal” is anything but

“It’s really hard for me to pick just one thing that I can attribute to bringing me success in this very challenging year. There are so many areas where I had to pivot & make changes in my business, like implementing virtual open houses, incorporating more video, 360 virtual tours, etc. 

But I would have to say the number one thing that I attribute to my success is really having more compassion for my clients, other agents, attorneys, lenders and pretty much anyone associated with my deals. It’s been a very difficult year for so many of us, on so many levels. I have been able to make very meaningful connections with my clients more than ever before, and really having more empathy, consideration & kindness towards others has truly been the number one thing contributing to my success in 2020.

Vittoria Logli, @properties, Glenview, IL

Leveraging social media to build relationships with clients and community  

“The largest impact on my business this year was consistency and community. Consistently showing up whether it was online or in person for my community. I truly think those are the two things that made the largest impact. Without community and consistently showing up for them like they showed up for me, I don’t think I would have seen this year turn into what it did.”

I actually have a Facebook group called Colorado Girl Gang, so other than creating this space for women to connect and grow together, I spent quarantine trying to keep everyone going between having one of our members host a work out or meditation to weekly virtual happy hours where we can just escape and connect. Otherwise, I utilize my social media presence to support my fellow local small businesses as often I can. I try to live my life in service to others and it always comes back to me. It’s been a hard year but together, we can get through it. I genuinely mean that and not in the cliche way of every commercial in tv.

Chelsea Blankenship, Golba Group Real Estate, Denver, CO

Ramping up marketing efforts in the face of a red-hot market

“Persistence and determination is what led me to crush my goals for the year! I was already planning on expanding my marketing efforts going into this year. So, even with COVID, my presence was stronger than ever in my community. I did this through utilizing a marketing service for both my mail and digital efforts, which worked really well for me.”

Daniel Borges, Coldwell Banker Preferred, Wilmington, DE

Understanding that relationship building is more important than ever

My business didn’t slow down because the world did. I had to adapt to keep it thriving. This is the time when relationship building is more important than ever. Staying in touch this year was powerful. People needed the human connection. Past client/referral and social media made up 100% of where my business came from.”

Mai Tang, Pearson Smith Realty, Ashburn, VA

Showcasing your personality in your marketing

“I took the COVID lockdown as an opportunity to connect with my SOI and expand my reach to new people all through social media—not just through real estate content, but through everyday life, making me relevant and connecting on a personal level. This gave people a chance to know me before working with me, and it’s worked out great in 2020.”

Julia Calderon, Keller Williams, Corona, CA