ASK THE MLS: Carlton Jackson of Dayton REALTORS

ASK THE MLS: Carlton Jackson of Dayton REALTORS

Welcome to another edition of “Ask the MLS.” Here, we talk to people running innovative MLSs around the country and ask them questions about their markets, their members, and what keeps them up at night.

Today’s post features Carlton Jackson, CEO of Dayton REALTORS. Established in 1909, Dayton REALTORS® has over 2,800 members dedicated to serving the needs of both home sellers and buyers in the Miami Valley. Dayton REALTORS® serves its members as a resource for continuing education, a wide range of committee activities, the Multiple Listing Service, social events, products and publications. Here’s what Carlton had to say:

You have been at Dayton Realtors for a year, and before that you were the CEO of Iowa City Association of Realtors. How do the two markets differ, and how are they similar?

While there is a tremendous amount of camaraderie at the Dayton REALTORS®, due to the size of the membership it gets to be a bit more transactional here as opposed to my prior membership in Iowa. Both markets are definitely struggling when it comes to number of available listings, but in terms of sales, here in Dayton we’re seeing much shorter days on market than in Iowa. Quick home searches and multiple offers seem to be the order of the day here. Our members have really adapted quickly to this environment, even with the added challenges of new protocols resulting from COVID-19.

What changes brought about by COVID to the real estate industry and/or process do you expect will become permanent?

Virtual showings with certainty are here to stay. Before COVID there were virtual showings occurring for out-of-town buyers and your occasional time crunch issue. However, with our current environment there are sellers who want minimal traffic through their home and there are buyers who want to limit their travels. I think that REALTORS® will be looking for new, innovative ways to get information to their clients. Using products like Homesnap give our members and their clients a better way to connect and do so without being in person.

Dayton Realtors has done research on the importance of having more mid-market housing inventory available. What are the best ways to ensure this type of growth?

We have been doing quite a bit of work in this area. We recently conducted a survey looking at not only what was keeping workforce housing from being built in our region but also what we need to do to keep jobs here. Those two topics go hand in hand. We have been working very closely with our county officials, legislators, and organizations like JobsOhio to identify areas ranging from zoning to tax incentives for workforce housing construction. Our work is still in the infancy stages, but we are getting good traction and we expect to be part of the conversation towards policy change that can bring much-needed workforce housing to our region.

This Forbes article identified Dayton as one of the hottest markets that people are moving to right now. What is attracting so many people to Dayton?

As a new Daytonian, my family has found that Dayton offers a tremendous amount of value. Dayton has a lot to offer in terms of family activities ranging from parks and recreation, museums, and festivals. This region is also one of the largest “90-minute markets”, meaning we’re in close proximity to Cincinnati, Columbus, and Indianapolis, greatly expanding opportunities for business and leisure. Our job market is bouncing back after some trying times. We have a rich culture of innovation and a great food scene here as well.

What’s on your travel wish list once we get past the pandemic?

You’d have to ask my wife! With the last several weeks doing homeschooling I would probably be told we are going someplace warm without children. If I were choosing the location it would definitely be out west in the mountains. I am a big fan of the beauty and tranquility of the Rocky Mountains.