Are You Wasting Too Much Time Chasing Leads?

Are You Wasting Too Much Time Chasing Leads?

If you’re a follower of Homesnap, by now, you’ve probably heard of Homesnap Concierge. If you haven’t, though, here’s the short of it:

Homesnap Concierge is a fully managed advertising platform. For one low, fixed cost (and with commitments as short as one month), our dedicated and experienced Concierge marketing team will optimize and run your advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google for you.

We’ll target the most-likely-to-transact leads on Google, Facebook and Instagram and then qualify them. We’ll send you the qualified leads right away, and continue to nurture the rest until they are ready to convert. You’ll have a steady stream of dedicated buyers and sellers rolling in, so you can focus on what’s important: working with clients and closing deals.

But what makes Homesnap Concierge better than other advertising outsourcing alternatives? With Homesnap Concierge, you’ll have a dedicated team of digital marketing experts working for you on your campaign. You’ll get access to best-in-class digital marketing teams, sales pre-qualification teams, and an advanced machine learning powerhouse — all in one. 

What makes Homesnap Concierge so effective?

1. Seamless, optimized campaign setup 

While platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Google make the general setup of ads relatively straightforward, doing it effectively is a bit more time-consuming. Agents must conceptualize their own ads — needing an effective combination of high-quality photos and inviting copy — and then update these ads regularly, say, in the event a listing price changes. It’s not particularly hard, per se, but it’s something that must be regularly maintained. In a word, it’s laborious, especially if you’re a high-volume agent dealing with scores of listings. 

Homesnap Concierge removes that tedium, giving agents fully managed advertising campaigns for an unlimited number of listings.  

2. Effective audience targeting 

What is hard, though, is effectively targeting audiences. Together, our expert marketing teams and machine learning algorithms make for aHomesnap’s digital marketing experts  run thousands of campaigns at any given time, and they are constantly iterating on what works and what does not. Concierge gives agents access to this experienced, best-in-class marketing team, and campaigns are managed by real humans who are experts in the digital advertising space.

Further still, our digital marketing experts are supported by our in-house machine learning algorithms, built upon thousands of real estate industry data points. Using this technology, actual artificial intelligence, we look for signals — signs that a buyer or seller is ready to transact — that a human being might miss.  An ideal combination of data-backed science and human intuitiveness.    

3. Time-saving lead qualification 

Finally, when you use Homesnap Concierge, our sales pre-qualification team will follow up with leads (calling, texting, and emailing) to discern where they are in their home-buying journey. We’ll hand the hot leads — ones ready to transact — off to you and continue to nurture the others until they’re ready to transact. You’ll never have to waste time sifting through campaign results again. 

Additionally, you’ll have full transparency into this process. Via the Homesnap Concierge dashboard, you’ll have access to comprehensive information about your campaigns and leads, including: 

  • Number of leads currently being processed
  • All leads who have already been qualified (hot or otherwise)
  • Lead contact information 
  • Lead qualification details (where in the process they are)
  • Details about where the lead came from (which ad and network)

Why you should consider Homesnap Concierge

Homesnap Concierge is an all-in-one solution for agents. You’ll get prequalified, high-quality leads for cheaper than sites like Zillow and, completely hands-off. There’s no need to manage, run and optimize a campaign or nurture less-than-ready leads. Our experts (with AI support) will handle all of it for you, so you can focus on the aspects of your job you really enjoy, like working with clients.

Give Concierge a try.

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