How Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Sell Homes Faster

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Sell Homes Faster

For most home shoppers and sellers, deciding on a price range comes before exploring properties. Prices are determined by factors like the home’s age, location, updates and repairs, and the seller’s original purchase price. Buyers are likely to overlook a home priced too high or low. Homes will likely stay on the market longer in this cold real estate market with surging mortgage rates.

There’s a Price Point for Everyone

Online shoppers plug in their price range before browsing pictures of their next potential dwelling. When clients trust their housing future with an agent, they determine a minimum price and a cap before real estate agents start to present properties. Appropriately pricing a house is likely to help it sell quicker in a buyers’ market. Even a fixer-upper can sell faster if it’s priced appropriately for the right buyers. Conversely, it may take months — or even years — to sell a home with the wrong listing price.

Sell Speed Benefits Buyers and Sellers

So, how do you determine the right listing price for a home? Don’t price your properties based on hunches, guesswork, or conjecture when Homesnap Pro+ offers Sell Speed — an advanced tool that can help real estate agents close deals quicker by using an artificial intelligence algorithm. 

Sell Speed helps agents identify pricing trends, better understand the market, and develop strategies that can move your clients’ homes off that market on the double. In addition, Sell Speed helps you set expectations for buyers and sellers to set them up for negotiations. As a result, you’re more likely to reach agreeable deals for sellers and buyers.

Credible, Late-Breaking, and Authoritative Data

What makes Sell Speed more reliable than data based on prices of recently sold properties? The algorithm uses up-to-the-minute sales data to predict how quickly a home will sell at various price points. Additionally, Sell Speed is unique because only Homesnap agents can use it, putting the agent in control. Competing consumer-facing apps can confuse buyers and complicate transactions.

Information at Your Fingertips

Sell Speed’s clean, interactive interface is incredibly user-friendly. The app, available on your smartphone, allows agents to access property information while on the go. That’s helpful when you’re touring homes with clients. 

The app allows you to swipe your finger across a slider to adjust the home’s price. As the price changes, the algorithm uses hundreds of real-time data points to reveal a prediction of its timeline on the market.

Few other tools and services cater exclusively to real estate agents and offer prompt data to help set ideal home prices, influencing the property’s days on the market. So if you want to minimize your sellers’ properties’ days on the market and offer buyers a shorter move-in timeline, become a Homesnap Pro+ member and start using Sell Speed.