A Little-Known Marketing Secret For New Agents

A Little-Known Marketing Secret For New Agents

It’s a typical part of the real estate agent’s marketing playbook: advertise your current listings and past deals. Doing this shows potential home buyers and sellers that you’re an active agent and trusted in the local community.

But what about new agents? Or agents who’ve taken some time off? How should they advertise when they haven’t completed a transaction—or it’s been awhile since they have?

Homesnap Concierge Buyer and Seller Guides

 As our team of digital marketing experts developed Concierge, they worked with new agents to test ad concepts and understand what would be most effective at getting their name out there and winning new business.

After months of testing, new agents using the Homesnap Concierge program found success with two products we created in-house: custom-branded home buyer and seller guides.

 These aren’t forgettable infographics or one-page overviews. Each guide is more than 20 pages long and filled with valuable, actionable information—written by Homesnap’s own professional real estate writers. Our in-house designers personalize each guide with the agent advertiser’s headshot, name, contact information, and brand logo and colors.

You can take a look at them here:

Seller Guide

Buyer Guide

 When you’re just starting out, these Buyer and Seller guides give you a great shot of winning  more clients and getting off to a quick start in your real estate career.

How does Concierge work?

Concierge is an always-on marketing program. Custom, hyper-targeted ads run continuously on the most-trafficked online networks, like Facebook, Instagram and Google*. There’s no long-term contract, and it costs a fraction of the price of Zillow, and the like.

 After you register, you’ll fill out a short questionnaire that will help our team craft your custom ads. Our digital marketing experts, supported by machine learning algorithms, will then publish, manage, and iterate on a mix of the best-performing ads that promote your sellers and buyers guides across networks.  As you win new listings, we’ll incorporate those into the mix.

 As soon as leads come in, our team immediately works to qualify them—24/7—via call, text and email. We’ll determine where your leads are in the home buying/selling process, their price range and areas of interest, among other qualifying questions. Our lead qualification team will loop you in the moment we qualify a hot lead so you can start a conversation right away. We won’t let the cooler leads fall off. We’ll continue to nurture them until they’re actually ready to talk to you about buying or selling. This allows you to focus on likely prospects and clients instead of the time-consuming task of lead follow-up.

We pride ourselves on transparency and give Concierge agents insight into the entire process along the way. You’ll have access to a Reporting Newsfeed so you can see your ads’ key metrics, as well as a Leads Center, which includes the number of leads processed, lead contact information, qualification details, and more.

 Are you ready to build your new real estate business? Give Concierge a try.

Or schedule a call with the Concierge team to learn more.

*Homesnap Concierge works across multiple networks – such as Facebook, Google, and Instagram – to get you the best leads.  As Homesnap Concierge is not an automated, one-size-fits-all solution, each and every campaign is unique.

Our team of digital marketing experts is constantly iterating, seeking out the ideal combination of networks to reach the maximum number of highly motivated buyers and sellers.  At any given moment, that could mean a heavy emphasis on Facebook; more budget toward Google; or an even split across Facebook, Google, and Instagram.