6 Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal in a Weekend

6 Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal in a Weekend

It might be November, but there is still time to spruce up your place before the winter real estate slowdown. Thankfully, if you’re trying to sell your home, you can boost its curb appeal in a single day.

Here are six things you can do in just one weekend to leave a better first impression on potential buyers:   

1. Take on small, strategic paint jobs 6 ways to boost curb appeal - Homesnap

Painting the entire house is a costly and time-consuming endeavor, but what about painting the window or garage trims, or brightening up the front door?

By taking on what you can handle on your own, you can quickly freshen up some of the exterior so it’s especially eye-catching.

2. Give your landscaping a little TLC

If things don’t look great in your flowerbeds, considering adding a layer of fresh mulch, a some new flowers or bushes.

Choose plants that are hardy enough for the season (you don’t want to have to replace them before the sale). Put cheap landscaping ideas into action by pulling weeds, mowing the lawn and trimming the bushes, and you’ll give potential buyers a better look at what your place can be.

3. Update small, low-cost items 6 ways to boost curb appeal - Homesnap

You’d be surprised what a shiny new doorknob or mailbox can do for your curb appeal!

Consider repainting the street number at the end of your driveway or updating the address number on your siding, too. The costs won’t run too high, but the benefits to these little touches surely will.

4. Put away personal décor6 ways to boost curb appeal - Homesnap

When buyers visit your house, you want them to envision their own lives (and their own stuff). If you have a favorite sports team’s flag, a collection of plastic gnomes, or a worn kids’ playset outside, you might be making it harder for people to imagine themselves in the space.

Instead, keep out “safe” choices – like broadly appealing window boxes and flower pots – and pack up the rest.

5. Clean the gutters and hose down the siding

If a buyer sees a gutter full of leaves or a dirty stretch of siding, it’s going to give them the impression that the house hasn’t been as well attended to as they might like.

You don’t want them picturing their first days in the house taking care of the basic maintenance that you could do now, so consider this an extra weekend chore.

6. Make sure lights are shining and welcoming!

Replace light bulbs if they’ve burned out and upgrade your fixtures if they could use a facelift.

When a potential buyer drives by – day or night – you want your home to be warm and welcoming!