6 Must-Haves For Your Multichannel Real Estate Marketing Plan

6 Must-Haves For Your Multichannel Real Estate Marketing Plan

Agents, we have a quick real estate marketing quiz for you. Here goes:

  1. Should your digital marketing plan start and end with a Facebook profile?
  2. Is it smart to put all your metaphorical eggs in your website’s “basket”?
  3. Is it fine to keep things “old school” and just resist a digital marketing plan altogether?

Answers: no, no, and no way!

These days, you know your prospects are using all kinds of channels to get their information, so having a multi-channel marketing strategy is an absolute must. Here are some tips for staying top-of-mind across channels:

1. Keep your Google Business profile updated

Customers are 3x more likely to find a business reputable if it has a Google business profile, and you can bet that applies to agents, too.

A strong presence on Google — where more than half of home searches will start — is crucial.

Homesnap Pro+ makes it easy for you to maintain a verified, active profile year-round. Check out our post on why getting verified matters or listen to our podcast episode on making a Google Business profile work for you. Ready to get started now? Click here!

2. Have a strong Facebook presence, including Facebook ads

Chances are you know how to use a Facebook business profile. But are you using Facebook ads?

They’re a super-efficient advertising option, and we can help you automate them so you don’t have to worry about the time-consuming process of creating, placing, and targeting them. Here, we debunk four myths about Facebook ads.

3. Remember, social media doesn’t stop at Facebook

Are you hoping to sell homes to millennials? Then Instagram is your friend!

And there are some pretty exciting possibilities opening up for making Instagram Stories part of your digital marketing, like via our Homesnap Stories tool. (Find out more in this post!)

Agents have also found success on Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media sites. If there’s a social media channel you find particularly interesting or use a lot, see if there’s a way to market your business there.

4. Create content you can re-purpose across channels

By investing some time in content marketing, you can create engaging and educational pieces that help you establish credibility across channels.

You don’t want to wallpaper every channel with the same thing at the same time, but you don’t need to reinvent the wheel every single time. Take a video that you posted on Monday on Facebook, and share it in an Instagram story over the weekend.

Check out our tips on content marketing to help you get started.

5. Use digital marketing channels to drive foot traffic

Foot traffic isn’t dead, but what drives foot traffic drivers has certainly changed over the past few years.

Use the power of digital, multichannel marketing to drum up the interest that will get people to the door — including advertising on Waze, so buyers see your listings and open houses as they drive nearby. Find out what we’re talking about here.

6. Take advantage of offline channels

Multichannel marketing is about all the channels, even traditional offline ones. Get yourself into local publications or farmers’ markets. Hand out swag and business cards.

Click here to find more ways to get creative with your real estate marketing.