5 Homesnap Pro Features All Real Estate Agents Should Be Using

5 Homesnap Pro Features All Real Estate Agents Should Be Using

Homesnap Pro was built to power the on-the-move, modern-day real estate agent. It’s completely free to any agent in one of our partner MLSs*, powered by MLS data, and packed full of tools that will help you:

  • Access real-time data about listings, off-market properties, homeowners, fellow agents, and the local market in seconds, no matter where you are
  • Negotiate better deals for your clients
  • Build stronger relationships with your clients
  • Create the best home search experience possible for your buyers
  • Get new, free leads without worrying about third-party advertising on your listings
  • Impress sellers and buyers with the most accurate and helpful real estate tool on the market

Not sure where to start? Here are the top five features that agents across the country praise as being a boon to their everyday business. 

Strengthen Your Offers with Agent Profile Details

Homesnap Pro includes a couple of LinkedIn-like features. One of them is agent transaction history, which appears on every real estate agent’s profile. We take historical MLS data from the past 24 months and combine it with our own algorithms to show details like the agent’s listing and buyer side counts, average list and sale prices, average days on market, and more. It’s a resume-like snapshot of an agent’s market activity, which not only reveals how active the agent is, but also provides a glimpse into their negotiation habits. 

An agent’s transaction history in action: Let’s say you have a buyer who is really interested in the home on 777 Lake Avenue, but they’re wondering how flexible the owner will be on the list price. You tap into the property listing to see that it’s been on the market for 50 days. Then you click into the listing agent’s profile to see what their past activity trends are. You notice that homes they’ve sold tend to be on market for an average of 40 days and go off market around day 70. Then you see a note on the agent’s transaction history for sold homes that reads, “On average, sale price was 3.2% below original price.”

Knowing that the listing’s days-on-market is already above the agent’s average and that they typically sell below asking price, you can confidently move forward and negotiate a better price for your buyer client. Want to contact that agent directly? Those details are in their profile too, making it easy to reach out to that listing agent and get a conversation started.

Get More Client Insights with Favorite Properties

A great way for you and your clients to track properties is to “favorite” each listing that’s of interest. Homesnap Pro will group all of your favorited homes so you can see them in one view. When your client favorites homes, you’ll be able to see those properties in your account, too, so you can keep track of what they like. To help you work more efficiently, Homesnap Pro automatically tracks any properties that you or your connected clients favorite, and then delivers status updates through your News Feed, such as for a price cut. 

Favoriting in action: Your client Mary favorited five homes in her target neighborhood that she loves. To view them, you will click on your Clients list in Homesnap Pro’s Me tab, and then on Mary to see her profile. At the very top of her profile, Homesnap Pro displays Mary’s recently favorited homes. You can also see the in-app messages you’ve exchanged with Mary about those particular homes. If any of Mary’s favorites has a price cut or goes under contract, for example, you’ll be notified and can alert Mary to the change without leaving the app. Any status updates for favorited properties are also shown in your News Feed.

An added bonus? Seeing Mary’s favorites in real-time helps you get a better sense for her preferences. You might see trends in the types of homes or neighborhoods she’s selecting that she hasn’t vocalized in your conversations, helping you provide even more catered client service than before.

Master Your Local Market with Property Search

We devote countless resources to making the app as user-friendly and valuable to your business as possible. That’s evident in the area search tool and property listings. It’s easy, whether you’re in the app or on a computer, to zero-in on your farm area, identify new market activity, and dive into the details of any property—active or off-market—to gain a well-rounded view of the real estate market and local trends.

Property and area searches in action: Since Homesnap Pro is an agent productivity tool, it includes features that help you work more efficiently and easily track new market activity. Start by searching for your farm area on the map. Then enable the filters that apply to the types of properties you want to monitor, such as houses, townhouses, and multi-family under $1 million. Next, click Save Search and enable email and push notifications so you’re automatically alerted to new market activity.

In addition to the high-level overview, you can also click into any property to see the same details you’d find in the MLS, including confidential listing information, as well as supplemental property record and mortgage data.

Impress Your Sellers with Who’s Viewed My Profile & Listings

Who’s Viewed My Profile is another one of Homesnap Pro’s LinkedIn-like features that agents love to check daily. All Homesnap Pro agents can see the total number of agents and consumers who’ve viewed their profile and listings over the past 90 days, as well as the city and state for agent viewers, for free. This helps you gauge how large your reach is and how your online presence is changing over time, and you can use the information to impress your sellers with how much traffic their listing is generating. 

To see exactly which agents have viewed your profile and listings, as well as the weekly rate of change, you’ll need to upgrade to a Homesnap Pro+ membership. The benefits extend well beyond satisfying your curiosity, because you can contact agents who have recently viewed your listings to gather feedback, gauge interest from potential buyers, and expand your network.

Who’s Viewed in action: You’re building a listing presentation for prospective clients, and you want to stand out from your competitors and showcase the exposure that your listings get in the Homesnap app. Show them stats from previous listings, emphasizing that you can provide them with similar results and real-time traffic numbers about the buzz surrounding their listing.

Stay Connected and Responsive with In-App Messaging

One of the simplest ways to increase your productivity is to centralize all your client communication inside Homesnap. Otherwise, you’re left searching your inbox and text messages for that one property client A sent or trying to remember what client B told you on the phone about the multiple home tours from last week.

Homesnap’s in-app messaging makes it easy for agents and their clients to share property listings and discuss them without ever leaving the app. All communications about a particular property are also stored on the property listing under “Related Conversations,” so you can see right away if you’ve already shared the listing with your client and what they thought.

In-app messaging in action: Say your client favorited 123 Main Street a week ago. As you look through your News Feed in Homesnap Pro, you see a notification showing that 123 Main Street just had a price reduction. Without leaving Homesnap Pro, you can share the listing with your client through in-app messaging to get their feedback on the new price. They’ll be notified that you sent a message, and you can keep all communications in the Homesnap platform. And remember: Your clients won’t see any third-party advertising inside Homesnap, so you can protect that client relationship.

Want to start using these free features to work smarter and faster? Download the Homesnap app, find your MLS, and claim your free Homesnap Pro account today!

*Homesnap Pro is free to agents in every participating MLS.