3 Reasons Real Estate Agents Should Keep Marketing Through Winter

3 Reasons Real Estate Agents Should Keep Marketing Through Winter

Sure, most real estate markets slow down in the winter — but agents shouldn’t be following suit! Colder months are a prime time to build your reputation and stay front of mind for prospects.

Here are three reasons why it’s worth investing real estate marketing dollars during the winter months.

1. Winter is your chance to stand out

Sellers might hibernate in the winter, but real estate agents shouldn’t follow suit. Even while sellers wait until spring to list their property, they’re already thinking about their to-do list – and finding an agent is right up top.

You can bet potential clients are keeping their eyes peeled, so they can hit the ground running with a great agent come March. And even if they aren’t intentionally looking yet, you can be front of mind as they’re browsing Google and Facebook.

While other agents are hitting the brakes, you can take the opposite approach: Hit the gas, get your face out there, and seize the chance to stand out.

2. Real estate sales might slow, but real estate leads keep coming all year long

When we look back at the leads generated by Homesnap Pro Ads over the past year, we see that leads really know no season.

The number of leads generated in “slow” months like November and February rival the number of leads generated during the summer months last year.

The winter holidays offer a natural chance to reconnect with former clients, too.

Why not send notes of well wishes around the new year, or holiday cards wishing your summer clients a happy first winter in their new home?

Hearing from you will feel like a warm, casual gesture to your former clients – and remind them to pass your name along to friends.

3. You want to keep your brand awareness strong

You know clients don’t often reach out to you after a single touchpoint, but rather as a result of seeing your face and name appear over time.

If someone in your sphere of influence has seen your marketing materials around, they’re more likely to trust you. And, of course, that’s the only way they can know to reach out to you once they do need an agent.

Make sure you keep your Google business profile updated and healthy, too, so you pop up when people are casually seeking their future agent. (For more on this, check out our recent post: 3 Key Ways to Rank Higher on Google.)