3 Big Reasons Agents in Ohio and Kentucky Love Homesnap Pro

3 Big Reasons Agents in Ohio and Kentucky Love Homesnap Pro

This blog post was written by Homesnap MLS Account Manager Jordan Weiers, who traveled to Ohio and Kentucky for in-person training workshops in July 2019.

In early July, Homesnap hit the road again. 

Trainer Ana Johnson and I traveled 350 miles across Ohio and Kentucky teaching, talking with, and learning from agents. We started in Cleveland and stopped in Dayton, Cincinnati, Florence (KY), and Louisville, meeting hundreds of agents and brokers across five MLSs.

Ana Johnson teaches agents at NKMLS how to make the most of Homesnap Pro’s agent-only features.

The reception was positive and uplifting, as always. I met agents of all stripes, many of whose first words to me were “I love Homesnap.” Why do agents love Homesnap Pro? Three big common themes stuck out to me:

1.) Agents love the app’s ease of use

On the roadshow’s first stop at Yes-MLS (headquartered in Cleveland), we were delighted to meet Jorunn Stimbra of Russell Real Estate Services in Hudson, Ohio. For Jorunn, the app makes finding property information effortless, no matter where in the country she’s searching.

Jorunn Stimbra (left) and Jordan Weiers

She regularly “snaps” homes – getting all the associated MLS or property record data by simply taking a photo of the home. She loves that Homesnap is nationwide so she can look at homes in Florida and California, too.

Jorunn also likes that Homesnap automatically sends out a weekly market update to her clients. “You are just there” in your clients’ inboxes, Jorunn said. Homesnap provides this avenue for her to remain top of mind with her clients, and it’s completely free!

Cara White of Transaction Realty in Cleveland also appreciates how convenient the app makes running her business:

Homesnap makes things so easy when I’m on the go. I don’t have to carry papers, codes and disclosures to refer to. I can schedule showings right through the app, then take a screenshot of showing instructions.

I can message the listing agent as well with any questions that arise during the showing. I love sending homes to my clients through the app. I can add a message with my comments directed just to them. Homesnap makes a busy real estate day much easier!”

Cara White, Transaction Realty and Homesnap Pro Agent

2.) Homesnap Pro’s free video marketing solutions for real estate agents are a hit

Heather Zimmaro (left) and Ana Johnson

Heather Zimmaro, Director of Education and Agent Development at Coldwell Banker Heritage, was a ray of sunshine on the Dayton leg of the roadshow. Her enthusiasm not only for Homesnap but also for the real estate business in general was infectious.

For her, Homesnap’s free video marketing via Homesnap Stories makes the app stand out.

“In this day and age, video marketing is key. If you’re not using video, you’re not being seen. Homesnap Stories is such a cool way to market your listings, and so easy to create.”

Heather Zimmaro, Director of Education and Agent Development at Coldwell Banker Heritage and Homesnap Pro Agent

3.) Convenience is important to agents, and Homesnap Pro gets an A+

In Cincinnati, Ana and I visited one of the most engaged, enthusiastic brokerage offices I’ve seen: a Sibcy Cline office on the East Side of Cincinnati. Tina and Candace Burton and Ean Molineaux are all members of a high-producing local real estate team, and they took time out of their busy schedules to come and learn about Homesnap Pro.

Ean Molineaux on the Sibcy Cline leg of the roadshow

Ean, the team’s newest member, said the Homesnap Pro app’s convenience makes it a no-brainer.

“If you have a last-minute showing and need to pull up information on a property while you’re on the go, it’s all right there in the Homesnap app.”

Ean Molineaux, Sibcy Cline and Homesnap Pro Agent

Throughout our roadshow, agents told me specifically that the app’s convenient automated features were a big reason why Homesnap Pro is a core part of their workflow.

Meeting so many agents across Ohio and Kentucky reminded me that one of Homesnap Pro’s core strengths is making agents’ lives easier and more convenient, which also helps them become more successful in their job.

As someone who works full-time in an office, it’s easy to forget that agents really do run their businesses on the go. From the car on the way to a showing; at an inspection; at an open house.

Having an app like Homesnap Pro that serves so many purposes under one roof is a huge win for real estate agents and brokers.