100 Episodes Later: 5 Lessons About Digital Marketing

100 Episodes Later: 5 Lessons About Digital Marketing

This blog was written by Gayle Weiswasser, Homesnap SVP of Communications and Business Development, who has hosted 100 Snapshot podcasts since launching it in 2016.

Over the past three years, I’ve recorded 100 podcast episodes about real estate and digital marketing. I’ve talked to agents, brokers, coaches, consultants, marketing experts, MLS executives – people from all over the real estate industry – each of whom has a unique take on digital marketing and what works.

One of the most fun aspects of hosting this podcast is hearing from so many different people with different points of view. But there have been some common themes throughout these 100 shows – advice that has come up again and again. Here are five of those themes.

5 Takeaways After 100 Podcasts


One thing that my guests say over and over again: Be yourself! When agents show their personality through their social marketing, the people who they connect with often feel like they know the agent before they even reach out.

This leads to a much stronger connection between the agent and the prospective client, with a higher likelihood of it continuing to a formal relationship. This makes sense, right?

You want to really know the person you’re considering working closely with, so that you can tell in advance if it’s going to be a good fit.

How much personality should an agent show? Should they reveal their political leanings? Post about their hobbies and families? This is up to the individual agent. Everyone draws a different line marking their comfort zone. Some agents have built their businesses around serving a particular niche – political or otherwise – and being open about their views or lifestyle has helped drive business.

Regardless, giving a sense of what you’re going to be like to work with is key toward building a client relationship, and digital marketing, with its wide variety of content possibilities, is a great way to start.


This is the second most common theme that has come up on the show, and it makes a lot of sense. If you deliver content of value to your audience, then they are going to appreciate you. It’s as simple as that.

Generic real estate content that your audience has seen in other places isn’t going to stand out, nor will it make them want to work with you.

But original content that teaches them something, whether it’s about a neighborhood, an aspect of the home buying experience, or even about your own unique interests (like the music you perform or the style of architecture you like) will be welcomed by your audience. And they’ll not only remember you, but will want to work with you.

Hyperlocal content is especially powerful for reaching targeted audiences who want to know more about where they live – or where they might want to move.

So as you’re thinking about your content strategy, pay attention to your audience and ask yourself, “What would be helpful for them to learn or know?” Use that as your content guide.


So many of the guests I’ve talked to on the show are using video to market both themselves and the homes they are selling. Whether through Instagram Stories, Snapchat, drone video – or our new Homesnap Stories – many Snapshot guests have gotten a lot of business thanks to video content.

It all goes back to #1 – showing personality. Video is an excellent way for an agent to communicate who they are and what makes them stand out.

And video is also an excellent way to market a property. It goes far beyond what static listing photos can do – it brings homes to life and lets their stories be told.

Many guests have said the same thing: don’t be intimidated by video! It’s easy to do it quickly and inexpensively, as people don’t expect slick, professionally edited videos anymore. Just turn on your phone and start recording.


Many of our Snapshot guests have stressed the importance of consistency across digital platforms. That consistency takes several forms, including tone, look and feel and timing.

If your audience is used to hearing from you on a particular day or at a particular time, and is visually cued to recognize your content, they are going to notice it and engage. That’s why it’s important to make a commitment to digital marketing and stick with it.

Even if it’s only once a week, dependable and consistent content is key to getting noticed and encouraging your audience to engage.


Digital marketing shouldn’t be a chore, nor should it take over your lives. If you enjoy taking photos or videos, then focus your efforts on Instagram. If you spend a lot of time on Facebook, then build your business around Facebook. Do you like to podcast? Blog? Then opt for those tactics instead.

The point is that you have to enjoy doing it, or it won’t be successful or compelling.

If you truly hate all of it, then hire someone who loves it and turn it over to them. Excitement and passion will show through when you’re creating content and marketing that you love. And that in turn will generate excitement in your audience and make them want to work with you.

I’ll check back in after the next 100 episodes and let you know what I’ve learned from our awesome guests. Thanks so much for listening!