Posted by gweiswasser on September 18, 2014

Next week, Homesnap heads back to California!

We are a Big Kahuna sponsor of the 2014 Council of MLS (CMLS) meeting in Huntington Beach, CA. We’re looking forward to meeting representatives from MLSs all over the country and giving them a chance to see Homesnap Pro in person. 

Will you be at CMLS 2014? If so, drop by Booth 52/53 to get a demo of Homesnap Pro, or, if you’d prefer, email us at to set up a private demo. Homesnap CEO and co-founder Guy Wolcott will also be on the stage on Thursday, 9/26 at 2:45PM, talking about Homesnap Pro and why it is the best mobile solution that MLSs can provide for their agents.

See you in Cali!

Posted by coachhelensmith on September 11, 2014

Agents, get the most out of Homesnap by inviting clients and contacts to connect in Homesnap. Confirmed clients within Homesnap will only see your agent profile - and no one else’s - when they are using Homesnap. Unless they choose to switch to another agent, you are the only agent they will ever see online and within the mobile app.

Good incentive to invite your contacts, right? So here’s how to do it.

To invite your clients, follow these steps below:

If you’re using the desktop version of Homesnap

1) Sign into your account (hover over “Guest [sign in]” and choose “Sign In”).

2) Click on “For Pros” at the top of the page.

3) Look in the left-hand column for the orange “Invite Clients” button.

4) Click the button to reveal your unique Homesnap agent URL. You can copy and paste the link into a personalized email to a client; share it on Facebook or Twitter; or include it as a hyperlink in your email signature, websites, or other materials. 

5) You can also type in the email addresses of several clients you wish to connect with in Homesnap, to invite multiple contacts all at once. 

Anyone who clicks on your agent link will automatically be connected to you within Homesnap. The more contacts you share the link with, the more clients you’ll be connected to within Homesnap.

If you’re using the mobile Homesnap app

1) If this is your first time using the mobile app, sign in as “Already a Homesnap User”. 


2) Go to your profile page (iOS users: click the “Me” tab at the bottom of your screen; Android users: tap on the list icon and select your name). 

Then tap the blue “Invite Clients” button.


3) Here you can invite clients three different ways:

  • You can enter their email address or phone number to send them an email or SMS with your invite link.
  • You can share your link on Facebook and Twitter directly from within the app.
  • You can select contacts from your phone’s address book - individually or using the “Invite All” option - and they will immediately receive an email from us inviting them to connect with you in Homesnap. Additionally, Homesnap will bypass any existing Homesnap agent users that might be in your contact list.

Once these contacts are connected to you within Homesnap, you can instantly track their snaps and favorites, share snaps together, forward listings of interest to them, and comment on their activity.

For more help with client invites, visit or call us at 866-855-2622. 

Posted by gweiswasser on September 4, 2014

Homesnap Pro just made agents’ lives even easier.

Homesnap’s agent-only mobile app now features one-tap integration with ShowingTime, the platform that allows agents to schedule showings online, via a mobile app, or through its Appointment Center. Listings managed by ShowingTime will now feature a yellow button within the confidential information section of Homesnap Pro which allows users to schedule a showing right from within the app.

The process couldn’t be easier. An agent just taps the “Schedule with ShowingTime” button on a listing, and picks the date and time they want to show the home. The rest is handled automatically.

Here is a short video that shows how to schedule a showing with ShowingTime from Homesnap Pro.

Homesnap Pro: ShowingTime from Homesnap on Vimeo.

Thanks to the many agents who requested that Homesnap Pro integrate with ShowingTime. We think it’s a great feature, and hope that you will too.


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