Posted by coachhelensmith on July 31, 2014

Homesnap Pro offers real estate agents a single mobile solution for everything they do. This week, we’re highlighting Homesnap Pro’s one-tap agent-to agent communication features. Homesnap Pro provides immediate access to agents’ MLS colleagues, via call, text or email.

As a buyer’s agent, you’re on the lookout for new listings for your interested buyers every day. Homesnap Pro offers agent-to-agent messaging to connect buyer’s agents with listing agents to schedule showings or get further details. 

Listing Agent Details - If you can’t make an open house, but have a serious buyer in mind for a home, go to the listing page, and scroll below the home details to view the listing agent’s information. Here you can tap on the agent’s profile to view their deal history and the telephone icon to give them a call, all from within the app. 


Scheduling an open house for your new listing? Invite agents directly from the app. Here are three ways:

Favored Agents - Favor agents whom you correspond with frequently, for quicker access and communication. Give them a call, or text/email them the open house details from the app to get more Pros in to see your listing.


"My Office" - To reach other agents within your office, go to your Homesnap profile in the app and click “My Office”. You can reach out to them instantly without having to leave the app to search through your contact list. 


Recently Viewed Agents - Homesnap Pro offers a “Recently Viewed Agents”page in the app, where you can connect with agents you’ve recently met or looked up. 


For more information about Homesnap Pro, please visit 

Posted by coachhelensmith on July 24, 2014

Are you a broker for two different office locations, with split deals in each office? Or are you a member of one MLS, but also have a dual license in another MLS? Or are you a member of husband and wife team, working under the same Homesnap Pro account for referral business?

These are just three scenarios in which a Homesnap Pro agent may need to claim multiple MLS IDs under one, unified Homesnap Pro account. 

Here’s how to do it.

Follow these steps to claim an additional MLS ID in Homesnap Pro:

1) In the app, sign in to your existing Pro account. (If you haven’t claimed an MLS identity yet, click here to view our previous post on how to register and claim your identity in Homesnap Pro.)

2) Go to your profile page in the app, or click the “Me” tab if you’re an iOS user. 


3) Scroll to where it says “My Agent-Only Profile” and click “Edit MLSs”.

4) Verify your current MLS and then click the blue button for “Add MLS Identity”.

5) Search for your additional identity by name, email or MLS ID #.

6) Select the MLS identity you want to add, and then verify this account.


     -To verify, please enter the email address OR phone number associated with that account. Be sure to choose ONE of the validation options, and enter this credential so no field is left incomplete.
     - You will then need to access your email or the SMS message sent to you from Homesnap, and enter the 4-digit verification pin code from that message into your Homesnap app page where you are validating your additional MLS identity.


Once validated, your identities will be seamlessly merged into one Homesnap Pro account. 


For more details, please visit or call us at 866-855-2622

Posted by gweiswasser on July 16, 2014

Today at the Inman Connect Real Estate conference in San Francisco, Homesnap CEO Guy Wolcott announced that Homesnap Pro is now free for MLSs for 12 months, with no obligation to renew at the end of that period. He also announced that we have signed an agreement with a second major MLS - The MLS/CLAW, a leading MLS for the Los Angeles metropolitan area - who will provide Homesnap Pro to all 14,000 of its agents, launching in August. 

The decision to make Homesnap Pro free to MLSs was driven by our belief that Homesnap Pro has the power to transform the real estate industry. We have seen the incredible response to Homesnap Pro by MRIS agents and brokers, and we want to get it onto the smartphones of as many agents as possible, as soon as possible. Our mission is to be every agent’s everyday app, and in just a month with MRIS, we’ve quickly realized that there is a real need in the marketplace for our product. MLSs and brokers simply do not have the technical resources to create it themselves. Also, Homesnap Pro will work even better when it is a platform - not a geographically siloed product - and everyone in the industry is using it to communicate, share information, and buy and sell homes.

We are incredibly excited to move forward with The MLS/CLAW and look forward to seeing what develops in the months ahead.

For more information about our new MLS offer, visit We’d be happy to talk through the offer and do a demo for any interested MLSs.


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