Posted by coachhelensmith on September 30, 2014

The Homesnap app has been updated and optimized for iOS8!

Here’s what you can expect from our latest update:

Open with Homesnap 
In Safari, you can scan any web page to find homes and then view them in Homesnap.

Notification Center Widget 
Homesnap will now show up in your “Today” view with the two listings that are closest to you. Tap them once to view them in Homesnap.

You can rotate between your iPhone, iPhone and Mac (running Yosemite) and Homesnap will allow you to pick up right where you just left off.

Happy snapping!

Posted by gweiswasser on September 25, 2014

We are spending this week at the gorgeous Hyatt Hotel and Spa on Huntington Beach for CMLS 2014. We’ve met MLSs from all across the country and have shared demos of Homesnap Pro and what it can do for their members. 

We’ve also attended some great sessions so far on MLS best practices, how to deliver a good customer experience, and what design means to the MLS. The takeaway from that last session: MLSs need to stop thinking of themselves as being in a B2B business, because they are really in the consumer business. The platforms they provide to their agents need to be good enough for users who are accustomed to intuitively designed and beautifully executed platforms, from a consumer perspective.

Sounds like Homesnap Pro. We started out as a consumer app - which now has 5 million users - and built Homesnap Pro off of that popular consumer platform. No wonder agents love it.

Here’s a photo of our CEO, Guy Wolcott, telling the CMLS crowd about Homesnap Pro. There was quite a crowd at our booth after his session.

Posted by gweiswasser on September 18, 2014

Next week, Homesnap heads back to California!

We are a Big Kahuna sponsor of the 2014 Council of MLS (CMLS) meeting in Huntington Beach, CA. We’re looking forward to meeting representatives from MLSs all over the country and giving them a chance to see Homesnap Pro in person. 

Will you be at CMLS 2014? If so, drop by Booth 52/53 to get a demo of Homesnap Pro, or, if you’d prefer, email us at to set up a private demo. Homesnap CEO and co-founder Guy Wolcott will also be on the stage on Thursday, 9/26 at 2:45PM, talking about Homesnap Pro and why it is the best mobile solution that MLSs can provide for their agents.

See you in Cali!

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